Upcoming article: colour correction with adobe lightroom, adobe photoshop and a Sony a7rII

Adobe colours are completely incorrect by default

I’ve been playing with Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Photoshop, Image Data Converter (made by Sony), and JPGs from my Sony a7rII. I notice that by default, the colours from a RAW look vastly different to the JPGs out of camera. I know most people frown upon JPG shooting (myself included) but I somewhat prefer the colours; they look more natural.

After playing around with the options quite a lot, I’ve managed to get close to mimicking the JPG colours without too much hassle.  Image Data Converter does it straight off the bat, and it’s interesting why Sony haven’t collaborated with Adobe. In my opinion, it’s a huge hassle to have to use that program and then export the files as tiff, to then edit them in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom.

I’ve also discovered a few bugs with the Adobe Camera Raw options, especially when defaults are saved. I’m not sure when I’ll have the article completed, but I’ll post an update when it’s done.

The differences seem subtle at first but upon looking at many different photographs, the differences are obvious.

Taken: 2016/06/27
Location: 53° 18.8536′ 0″ N 1° 37.0216′ 0″ W
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2 thoughts on “Upcoming article: colour correction with adobe lightroom, adobe photoshop and a Sony a7rII”

  1. First a silly question,
    you do have “enable profile corrections” checked under Lens Corrections (same setting in both Lightroom CC and ACR) , and the correct manufacturer/model/lens profile is being picked ?

    and for color accuracy I tend to use an “x-rite color checker passport” it’s a small plastic pocket sized tool and software that builds custom color profiles for each camera/lens/lighting condition you might be shooting in. You then select the custom built profile under LR or ACR under Camera Calibration.
    It also has a gray-scale that lets you set a neutral color balance with one click.
    It does not add much weight and I find it very useful at times.

    Good luck with your hike!

    1. Yes I enabled that. I find that to match the JPG results, vignetting option should be 0 but the distortion setting should be 100.

      I had a colour passport and I really wish I kept it. I didn’t find it that good with my Canon camera but with Sony they seem to work much better. By the way, Adobe have an old software program that lets you create the profiles — https://www.adobe.com/support/…. It’s completely free :).

      Thank you! I am excited about next year.

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