Travel News, Canadian Visa and The Photography Show NEC

As previously stated, there’s a Photography Show held at the NEC in Birmingham every year. The event starts March 18th. I won’t be attending but you can usually find cheaper equipment at UK stores during the days the show runs. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Zeiss Batis 135mm f/2.8 lens announced around then too. I’m still looking for a telephoto lens but I’m not sure if I can afford one yet; it’ll be especially useful for travel photography.

Canadian Visa

Today I applied for a Canadian Visa, well technically it’s called an eTA which stands for Electronic Travel Authorisation but it’s a similar thing. One of the questions asks if I’d ever been denied a Visa in another country. Obviously that’s a sore topic and I’m hoping I will get accepted. I feel that once I’ve travelled to a few different places, I’m far more likely to get accepted when applying for another American Visa. I still haven’t given up on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail one day, haha. I am like a dog with a bone :).

I’m also interested in travelling to New Zealand. I’d like to try and do a bunch of 10-20 day hikes. It won’t be quite like the Pacific Crest Trail but the opportunities to photograph things should be great. If you know of any specific hikes worth doing in New Zealand or Canada, please leave a comment below :).

In other news

I’ve had great luck in the last couple of years. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and it had to be returned due to being considered a fire hazard. I’ve missed it ever since, and I’m expecting to see a Samsung Galaxy s8 announced soon. I won’t be buying it because I liked having a pen and I’m going to wait for a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (assuming I can afford one); however, for those looking for a portable backup solution for the Sony a7II, Sony a7sII or Sony a7rII, it will be as awesome as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was. The Google Pixel is okay but there’s no waterproofing with that phone.

I suspect Sony will be the only competitor for a USB 3.1 water resistant phone in the immediate future. I suspect a new XZ phone is on the horizon. I’m quite excited to see what the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has in store for us. 2017 is definitely the year where portable backup devices can be small and water resistant.

It won’t completely solve the issue of not having dual SD card slots in the Sony a7II, Sony a7sII or the Sony a7rII, but it does offset the pain a little.

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