Samsung Galaxy Note 8 specification rumours

Rumours of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, its specifications and looks, are beginning to spread like wild-fire. Samsung had reportedly already confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would be released this year. Whether it’ll be released under this name is not known for certain.

I owned the previous model, and it was fabulous. The first phone to be waterproof with a USB 3.1 port I could use for RAW file backups. I have missed it ever since, and I have considered buying the Samsung Galaxy S8 which is basically the same thing–without a pen. However, I really, really liked the pen. I thought it was well designed and implemented.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to have awesome specifications but the screen frightens me

  • 6.2-6.4 inch 3840×2160 Super AMOLED curved Infinity Display comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S8+ but slightly larger
  • S Pen
  • Iris scanner
  • Screen embedded fingerprint scanner or a fingerprint scanner located on the back
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 chip, 6GB RAM
  • Vertical dual lens cameras on the back
  • USB 3.1 USB-C connectivity
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Android 7.0 Nougat
  • IP68 certification
  • 64GB built in storage, microSD expansion
  • Fast charging and wireless charging support

What is to dislike? Well, the screen is arguably too big. I thought the previous model had a great screen, and perhaps if they slim some of the bezel at the top and bottom, like they have with the Samsung Galaxy S8, it can be bigger without increasing the size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but for a 6.4 inch screen, they’re going to have to make the phone physically larger than the Samsung Galaxy S8+. According to the rumours, the top and bottom bezels have been slimmed down even more compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8 so that’s nice to know, and perhaps I’m fussing over nothing. I am almost certainly going to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as soon as it is released–some are saying that might be in August and others are saying September.

I have always raved over the latest Samsung phones and I believe they’re considerably better–for a photographer–than Apple anything at the moment for the sole reason that the USB port is considerably faster.


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