Knives for long distance hiking trails

Using this blog section of my site, I tend to ramble a bit and there’s a bit of uncertainty with my posts.

I’ve been researching knives for my travels in Canada next year, and travel in general. Buying a huge 1kg knife is obviously a big no-no for travel as it’s unnecessary weight. However, I’ve found a few different companies that sell extremely lightweight knives.

The first one I think is important is something like a Swiss army (I’ve never actually fought off anyone from the Swiss army, do they really run around with these little knives? Stabbing people like ninjas?) style penknife. For that, I’ve found a Victorinox Classic SD but the Victorinox NailClip 580 is also interesting as it can clip nails. I have read various reviews and many criticise the scissor design on the latter.

On a more interesting note, single blade skeleton knives are expensive, hard to find (in Europe at least) but they are incredibly lightweight.

There’s a few companies that sell these. Kestrel knives look particularly good but there’s also a knife called the Genesis 2. It’s available on amazon for people in the USA and it’s worth a look.

The Titanium skeleton EDC Knife by Kestrel Knives is even more expensive, but it weighs 15 grams. In my opinion, the Short Skeleton Ovis Hunter made by Kestrel Knives has a nicer shape, but it’s slightly heavier…

It’s definitely something to consider if you’re looking for an additional knife without carrying too much extra weight.

In my opinion, a knife like this is not just useful for the Great Divide Trail (or the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Te Araroa, etc.) but it’s pretty handy for macro photography if you need to cut plants and stuff. I will not be buying these as self defence weapons, so hopefully they won’t get stuck in customs.