Hiking gear for the Great Divide Trail in Canada

This week, I’ve bought a lot of stuff. I’ve kind of spent way more than I planned, I guess I got sick of planning and things going wrong so this time I kind of impulse bought some stuff.

ZPacks Sleeping bag and Altaplex tent in the stronger material. I got a load of bags and stuff with them. I haven’t ordered a backpack yet… I’ll probably get the GG Mariposa 60.

Lots of shoes… I bought Sportiva Bushido and Salomon shoes in a bunch of different sizes. I’ll be sending them back and only keeping the pair that fits.

A kestrel titanium knife; it’s 15 grams. Expensive, but I won’t be cooking and it could be pretty useful :).

For clothing, I’m looking at buying a Montbell Storm Cruiser. Everyone talks about the Montbell Torrent Flier but the Storm Cruiser is actually only slightly heavier, it has pit zips and all that fancy stuff. My complaint here is that I’ll pay 20% VAT (Switzerland isn’t in the EU) and I’ll also get a nasty bill for VAT and customs when my zpacks stuff arrives. I’m stretching it a bit thin with my money but I’m confident I can spend a few months in Canada at least.

For a puffer jacket, I was thinking about Montbell but they are awfully expensive. I’m wanting to keep things lightweight to offset my camera equipment.

There’s not that many people who attempt to hike the GDT and there’s really not many gear lists to go off. I was thinking about taking a merino wool jumper and also merino wool tights to go underneath my trousers (pants.)

When I’ve bought everything, I will update my gear list and include what I spent and whatnot. Despite Montbell being a European company, it’s REALLY hard to get their items here. There’s no real equivalent to ZPacks either and it’s a nightmare when the GBP is so low in value. I think us English people just have to suck it up :).

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