Good news and some shoe hell

Unfortunately, my shoe situation is not going too well! I bought eight pairs of shoes and I’m getting close to owning half of La Sportiva by now. This isn’t a review by any means, but here’s my quick findings:

La Sportiva Bushido

Upon initial impressions, the La Sportiva Bushido is my favourite shoe of all time, with one problem… It’s got this ridiculously high arch support in it that I find uncomfortable and I think if it’s giving me a pain now, it’s going to give me horrendous pain after 200 miles of hiking. If this arch support fits the shape of your foot, I imagine this shoe would be amazing! The tongue is the best tongue I’ve seen–it’s got a thin edge to it and then it’s padded further down. The entire upper back of the shoe feels good. There’s no rub around your ankle and I don’t know why they didn’t keep this design in all their shoes.

I read one review which said the tongue is nice but it can let in debris. I’d rather a soft tongue system and I wear gaiters rather than something which tries to do all and compromises.

I found that when I followed the “thumb width rule” (measure your longest toe away from the closest piece of fabric) and then added half a size up (for extra swelling), the shoe was a perfect fit (size 13 US.)

There’s room in the toe box if I size it like this but the smaller sizes don’t have much room for my big toe at all. The other toes have room. It’s always my big toe that suffers, even though it’s not my longest toe.

They feel incredibly light, even though they’re not ultralight shoes. Moving my feet around in circular motions or anything weird, they’re incredibly comfortable.

La Sportiva Akasha

This shoe is weird. The tongue isn’t too bad but it’s not as good. The arch is really high, much like the La Sportiva Bushido, so if you like the La Sportiva Akasha‘s, the chances are you’ll like the La Sportiva Bushido‘s or vice versa.

The back rubs my ankle, is way too padded and makes this shoe a no go.

These feel pretty light too.

La Sportiva Akyra

This is the shoe I want to love the most. Its arch system is the best for me. It’s wider in the middle, it’s rugged, it feels a lot heavier than the La Sportiva Bushido but the positive is it looks more durable.

The downside is the back of the foot doesn’t clamp down very well. If I tie up the laces to clamp my foot inside the shoe, then the tongue bites into me. I don’t like the tongue, it’s really padded and jabs into me.

It’s possible that if I wore them a lot (I will be returning most of these, so I don’t want to wear them much) I would break one in. I’m not sure if the high arch would get smaller or if the tongue on the La Sportiva Akyra would become more comfortable. If you can find a fit that works for you, I really recommend looking at this or the La Sportiva Bushido. I can’t speak about the durability or whatnot. When I decide on the pair of shoe I’ll keep, I’ll use them a lot and do a proper review :).

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest 4400

In other news, I’m semi-confident I’ve found a way to affix my camera to my backpack now. I spent about two hours just staring at it, trying to think of the best way. I sewed a few loops around the side belt and that didn’t quite work out but I think I’ve come up with a solution. I’m waiting for some “D Rings” to arrive and then I’ll get started.