Sony 24-70 GMaster and Zeiss Loxia 21mm f/2.8 Review

I can’t remember if I mentioned that I bought the Sony 24-70 f/2.8 GMaster lens. When I initially planned to hike the Pacific Crest Trail (I’d still like to, perhaps in 2020 if I can find the funds), I imagined myself only taking two small, lightweight lenses.

After two visa denials, some other problems and a metaphorical kick in the face, I sort of impulse bought the Sony 24-70 GMaster lens. It’s a bit heavy than what I’d like, and I considered the Sony 16-35 f/2.8 GMaster lens but I can’t afford it. I’ve decided I’m going to bring a Zeiss Loxia 21mm f/2.8 lens to accompany it. The latter will stay in my backpack until evenings most likely.

I would like to write a review of the Sony 24-70 f/2.8 G Master lens but it’s likely I am going to wait until I’ve hiked the Great Divide Trail in Canada. My photography skills should increase ten fold, well, perhaps not that much, haha, and I’ll have lots of photographs to show in my review.

My first impressions of it are great though. Everything about it is pretty awesome excluding the weight. It doesn’t focus breathe much either which is a rarity for Sony.

Small hiking update

This is a small update about hiking stuff.

I’ve had to wait a few days for some extra d-rings to arrive for my backpack. I’ve sewn them on but I still have to make a few modifications, I’ve been a bit lazy, haha. That and I’ve been fixated looking at a finance chart (crypto’s are looking sad thanks to the constant, unsubstantiated, negative media, but given how negative people were of books, the television, microwaves, etc. when they were first invented, it should come as no surprise.)

I’ve decided on the Salomon XA Pro 3D shoes, and I have a few months to use them. If I hate them after a while, I’ll look for another pair. They’re heavier than I’d like but equally they look quite well made.

The Zebralight still isn’t in stock! That is the trouble with them… They look like great torches but they’re difficult to get (especially in the UK.) The exact model I’ll be getting is the Zebralight H600Fd Mk IV. If you’re not interested in photography, you probably don’t have to get this version. I want the high CRI version as it’ll benefit my photographs slightly.

I still need to buy a few more things and I’m not happy with my bed situation. The foam pad I bought isn’t the most comfortable of devices. I’m considering an air mat for my torso.