Another GDT update

Everything’s about the GDT for a while :D.

This week I’ve really focused on clothing items and logistics. I decided to return the Arc’teryx Konseal as it is a nice fleece but it’s heavier  and warmer than I need (hopefully.) The hood is a bit convoluted, specifically the balaclava bit. I’ve decided to buy a Delta LT instead, it’s a bit lighter and a separate balaclava can work with either the Delta LT or with my Atom LT jacket. My total base weight excluding camera gear is pretty respectable. The camera equipment I’ve chosen to bring much heavier than I’d like, and what I planned for the PCT was a lot lighter (two prime lenses) but this gives me way more photographic options. I’m considering sending home one lens, but I’ll see how things go.

I’ve found the route I need to take to get to the trail head, and it’s a long journey. I can’t book everything yet as there’s a website error. The trip if you’re in England is a coach to London -> fly to Calgary -> Shuttle to Greyhound Bus -> Greyhound to Pincher -> Motel -> Taxi to the Trailhead. I don’t know what public transport is like in Canada, but I’ll soon find out! Here it’s great. The heaters work in the summer and stop working in the winter.

I still need to buy some storage for my camera. I was hoping it’d drop a bit more in price with the GBP going up, but it hasn’t. I think 512 gb SD and 512 gb Micro SD will be enough to start with, if it’s not I’ll buy some more in Canada. You can soon rack up a huge bill with things like this, so I am trying to be careful. The backup system I decided on is going to be pretty simple. My phone case will allow me to take out the MicroSD card, I’ll then put in a new one, copy from the USB port to the MicroSD card and that’ll be it!

A part of me wants to arrange sponsorship, to get donations for charity, but after my PCT plans went tits up, I’m nervous I’ll embarrass myself! Does anyone else worry about this with through hikes? Mountain lions, wolves, grizzly bears, etc. They’re not really on my fear list. The fear of only hiking 2 miles in and then breaking an ankle. Now that’s another story, haha :).