A few updates

I have been busy working on various themes for this website but I haven’t made anything I truly like yet. A theme update will happen but I’m not sure when. I don’t like sitting at the computer writing for hours because it gives me mild shoulder pain (I injured it swimming a while back.)

The jQuery code for the portfolio page is pretty much complete now. You can finally sort by aperture, focal length, ISO, date, etc. and they sort correctly. Eventually I will theme the CSS so it looks a lot nicer. Continue reading “A few updates”

Pacific Crest Trail 2017, backpack, sleeping bag and tent

I’m fairly confident I know what backpack, sleeping bag and tent to buy. I feel like I’ve concentrated too much on electronic equipment lately, and it’s been highlighted by the disastrous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 saga.  It is such a shame because I love that phone. I digress…

The ZPacks Altaplex is sort of a 1.5 man tent; I’m hoping that I’ll have room to fit camera equipment by my side. I’m quite tall (6ft3) so I doubt there’ll be much room by my feet.

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