Landscape photo

It’s simple but I quite like it :).

Hiking holiday

I recently went on holiday, hiking in various places of the peak district in England. It gave me clarity, and more drive to do the Pacific Crest Trail next year.

A shot of a cute house:

I played around with my new tripod and ND filter too:


Watch strap ordered and donate button added

I’ve ordered a new watch strap for my Garmin Fenix 3 sapphire watch. I bought it from Hopefully it’ll arrive soon. I ordered the 26mm strap as that looks to be the correct size for this watch, and it’s a two piece strap. Those with the heart rate version of the watch might encounter problems with single piece straps.


I’ve also added a donate button in the about section of the site, I have no idea if it works or not.

A couple photos

These are nothing special, but I like the lighting and the colours you find in the woods 🙂