The Great Divide Trail – Gear List

I never quite finished my Pacific Crest Trail gear list page, and this one is even worse for now, haha. At the moment, my main areas of research are for shoes and sleeping bags.

A lot of my equipment for the Great Divide Trail can be similar to the Pacific Crest Trail but I’d obviously like a warmer sleeping bag and perhaps more durable shoes. For a sleeping bag, I’m considering a ZPacks 900 -15c bag.

When I hike the Great Divide Trail next year, I promise I will take lots of photographs and write about it a lot, and document lots. Hopefully this will help future hikers; I’m struggling a bit with research at the moment.

This gear list isn’t refined at all. In fact, it’s a bit of a mess so don’t be alarmed. I’ll edit it soonish I guess.