The Great Divide Trail – My Plans

Around June 2018, I will be through-hiking the Great Divide Trail in Canada. For those unfamiliar, the GDT (Great Divide Trail) travels through Alberta and British Columbia. It goes through the Rockies (Canadian Rockies; this is not to be confused with the American Rockies) and is about 700 or so miles long. It’s not the longest hike in the world obviously but I plan to supplement my travels with additional hikes.

I never quite finished my Pacific Crest Trail gear list page as my Visa was denied and I just couldn’t be bothered, but my GDT list is fairly complete should you wish to take a look.

When I hike the Great Divide Trail, I promise I will take lots of photographs and write about it a lot. Hopefully this will help future hikers; I’ve struggled a bit with research as it’s not a popular trail in comparison to the Pacific Crest Trail, The Appalachian Trail or the Continental Divide Trail.

My ultimate goal is to hike the Pacific Crest Trail (I won’t be able to afford it after this hike) but without meaning to moan about why my US Visa was denied, I feel additional international miles on my belt will aid me towards getting international experience, sponsorships, income through hiking and therefore an American Visa. Anyone who’s familiar with this hike will be aware that it’s actually more challenging (excluding mileage) than the Pacific Crest Trail in some regards. American consular officers are vague and hint at a few things, one of the things they hinted at in one of my interviews was that it would be safer if I hiked somewhere else than in America; to me, there is great irony in that considering the difficulty of this hike, and uh, fucking Grizzly bears. What’s also fairly ironic is that Americans were afraid I’d want to migrate there but actually if I was going to work anywhere out of the two countries, it’d be Canada–a country which is far more welcoming to foreigners. There’s a huge difference between visiting a place and hiking there, and wanting to migrate.

The Great Divide Trail is shorter than most well known long distance hikes, but it is not as well marked as the trails in other countries or even Canada’s own trails. For me, this raises concern but also excitement–it will be nice to do something semi-unique. Admittedly my dream is or was to travel to America but who knows where this hike will take me. I think it’ll be pretty exciting :). I am seeking a life changing experience, to improve my photography skills and to generally do something that makes me happy :).

Below will be a list of the pages you should check out. At the moment, it’s just a gear list but I will update it when relevant:

Great Divide Trail – Gear List

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