Samsung Galaxy Note 8 USB, SMB and review information

I’ve written a basic review page for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I will edit it and improve it a lot at some point, if it gets a bit of interest (I’m a bit lazy when it comes to writing reviews.)

I’ve also written a page about the USB and SMB file share speeds with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It’s a weird one to say the least. The phone exhibits strange behaviour but I consider it a quirk rather than a severe limitation.

Canada, US Visa, Zeiss Batis and stuff

I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing my posts about the Pacific Crest Trail and my US Visa denial, so I’ve decided to make a page dedicated towards it and then limit my blog posts to happier content. Hopefully it will be helpful to someone at least.

I’m going to give Canada some serious thought. Banff looks really pretty. I think I’d like to buy a longer lens, if I do go to Canada. A Sony 70-200 f/2.8 GM lens will be a bit heavy, but the Zeiss Batis 135mm f/2.8 lens might just be manageable. It’s a lens I initially laughed at, and the price is extortionate, but it’s really quite lightweight for its focal length. The price is a bit of a problem though.

I’m going on holiday Saturday, for a week, and hopefully I’ll be able to take a few photographs :). When I return home, I will receive my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I will do a full review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, I also want to update my Garmin Fenix 5x watch review, and write about how well it functions with a phone.

US Visa, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Pre-ordered and Raspberry Pi

Last night, I couldn’t sleep very well. I was really anxious about getting a Visa; travelling is extremely important to me, and it would mean so much to me if my Visa application is approved. My Visa interview is next week and I really hope it goes well :).

Excuse me for changing topic a lot in this post, but I have a somewhat eventful month coming up and a few fun things to talk about.

Raspberry Pi

Recently, I bought a raspberry pi 3 b as I wanted to extend the WiFi range in my bedroom and create an access point without breaking the bank. I’m quite familiar with Linux, especially Debian, so setting up Raspbian was extremely simple. I’ve set it up such that my new phone will connect to the built in WiFi of the raspberry pi 3 b and this data will travel through the ethernet port into a network switch. The available guides online do not show you how to do this properly; the best guide I found allows you to set up an access point but it doesn’t allow you to connect to other computers on the same network (in the guide, the raspberry pi 3 b acts as its own DHCP server which is part of the problem.)

I didn’t want to spend much on this project and dedicated access points can be really expensive. If anyone else is interested in this, let me know… I have saved all of the commands and when I’m less busy, I’ll write a guide and post some photographs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

I am now prepared to own the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Speaking of which, it was announced today and I have made a pre-order. It looks like a great phone, but for the price it would have been nice to see 256gb storage instead of 64gb, and I’d have liked it to be a bit cheaper and a bit lighter (it’s 195 grams.) I’m really looking forward to getting it :). It’ll be the first time I’ll get to try out my Garmin Fenix 5x with a phone! I’ll complete my review of the Garmin Fenix 5x when I get the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

It must seem like I’m only interested in electronic devices, haha. I am actually obsessed with hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, I am just holding back a bit because if my Visa is declined I’ll be pretty sad to say the least. If it is declined, I’ll still be travelling somewhere but it won’t be the same.

I probably won’t be posting for about a week. I want to prepare myself for the interview and whatnot.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 looks amazing

The specifications and design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are pretty much known at this point, it would seem. That’s if we’re to believe the latest leaks and rumours.

I originally thought the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would be too big, but at the alleged dimensions of 162.4 x 74.5 x 8.4mm, it’s going to be a similar size to the model above except it’ll be about 10mm taller. I’m not expecting it to feel much different in the hand. Of course, the leaks and rumours could be inaccurate but I doubt it at this point.

It is a slightly thicker phone, but interestingly leaks claim it will have a slightly smaller battery, at 3,300 mAh; I guess Samsung are being extra careful with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but I’m certainly not expecting the battery life to be bad.

The screen size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is alleged to be 6.3 inches vs 5.7 inches of the previous model.

Americans can expect a Snapdragon 835, and the people here in the UK will likely get a Exynos 8895 chipset version of the phone.
Both should have 6GB of RAM, and there will likely be two storage variants: 64GB and 128GB sizes.

I’d love the larger storage version but I don’t know if I can justify the price difference.

A headphone jack, microSD card slot reader, etc. are all alleged to be there, so there’s nothing particularly bad about the phone from what I can see so far. Some people state the fingerprint scanner is going to be in a bad place, but I like using the iris scanner anyway.

I’ll definitely be pre-ordering one as soon as it’s available. I can’t wait :D.

Using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as a portable backup device

I plan to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as soon as it’s released. With the previous model now called the Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition (FE), you can copy files using USB-OTG and a card reader. This is a good backup solution for the Sony a7rII.

You can get some insanely fast microSD cards now e.g. the . There’s also a 100MB/sec version available in the USA.

When I get the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, I will see what the USB speeds are. If I can find an SD card with a 90MB/sec read speed and a microSD card with a 90MB/sec write speed, I’ll be able to copy files from one to the other and see how it works in real world use. The Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition (FE) caps out at about 90MB/sec but that might be because my card at the time could only read/write at 90MB/sec.

They’re getting so fast that it might not even be worth buying a Samsung T3.