Comments restored

I’ve decided to move away from disqus as I prefer to manage everything myself. I’ve also seen a theme I’d quite like to modify, and it’s easier to adjust the theme if the comments are all in the same place as opposed to battling with the look of disqus. Continue reading “Comments restored”

Recent Sony camera news has been quite good

I don’t want to see a Sony a7rII replacement just yet, and I think the Sony a6500 is an interesting business choice for Sony to make. The Sony a6300 was recently released. I think they’ve chosen to respond to Fujifilm in an extremely aggressive manner, so it might make sense. Obviously it will irritate some customers that only just bought the Sony a6300, but you can’t win them all. Continue reading “Recent Sony camera news has been quite good”

The site is back up and should be working correctly

I stumbled upon a CentOS 7 OpenVZ bug and essentially broke my entire server. The network was broken and my backup was slightly old, so I had to access the machine from the OpenVZ container which isn’t possible from the customers perspective. Fortunately Bhost were extremely helpful and gave me access to the files by another method, therefore I was able to download a new backup, format the machine and start again.

Continue reading “The site is back up and should be working correctly”