Another website update and photography related information

Hello everyone,

After my visa was declined semi-recently, I’ve been thinking a lot and doing “soul searching” as they say. I don’t want to write about my plans too much after this post as I did that regarding the Pacific Crest Trail and it was sort of for nothing (I will come back to the Pacific Crest Trail hike one day, but I’ll be broke after I buy this photography equipment.) I’m embarrassed about it to say the least, and I feel highly apologetic to all the companies I emailed regarding sponsorship.

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Site changes

As it looks like I won’t be able to hike the Pacific Crest Trail next year, I have been focusing on other things. I am busy coding a theme, and I’m expecting it to be done by Christmas. In my opinion, it looks much nicer than the current theme so far :). Continue reading “Site changes”

Black friday is coming

Black Friday is extremely close and I should be buying quite a lot of camping equipment then. I’m only about five months away from attempting to hike 2650+ miles across the Pacific Crest Trail in 2017.

I have recently discovered a great third party battery for Sony cameras. Please check out the RAVPower NP-FW50 batteries. They come in packs of two, complete with a charger, all for £20. Apparently the charger doesn’t charge native Sony batteries, but the RAVPower NP-FW50 batteries still seem like a great buy even if you don’t use the charger. Continue reading “Black friday is coming”