Website update, and some new Raspberry Pi posts

My amazon links should now automatically re-direct to amazon us, amazon ca, and amazon uk. If a link is not redirecting to the correct website, please let me know.

Now that I have more free time on my hands, I’m going to try and work on my site a bit more.

I have written an article about the raspberry pi 3 b, and how it can be used as a wireless access point. I have also started an article about how you can use it as a bandwidth monitor.

US Visa, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Pre-ordered and Raspberry Pi

Last night, I couldn’t sleep very well. I was really anxious about getting a Visa; travelling is extremely important to me, and it would mean so much to me if my Visa application is approved. My Visa interview is next week and I really hope it goes well :).

Excuse me for changing topic a lot in this post, but I have a somewhat eventful month coming up and a few fun things to talk about.

Raspberry Pi

Recently, I bought a raspberry pi 3 b as I wanted to extend the WiFi range in my bedroom and create an access point without breaking the bank. I’m quite familiar with Linux, especially Debian, so setting up Raspbian was extremely simple. I’ve set it up such that my new phone will connect to the built in WiFi of the raspberry pi 3 b and this data will travel through the ethernet port into a network switch. The available guides online do not show you how to do this properly; the best guide I found allows you to set up an access point but it doesn’t allow you to connect to other computers on the same network (in the guide, the raspberry pi 3 b acts as its own DHCP server which is part of the problem.)

I didn’t want to spend much on this project and dedicated access points can be really expensive. If anyone else is interested in this, let me know… I have saved all of the commands and when I’m less busy, I’ll write a guide and post some photographs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

I am now prepared to own the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Speaking of which, it was announced today and I have made a pre-order. It looks like a great phone, but for the price it would have been nice to see 256gb storage instead of 64gb, and I’d have liked it to be a bit cheaper and a bit lighter (it’s 195 grams.) I’m really looking forward to getting it :). It’ll be the first time I’ll get to try out my Garmin Fenix 5x with a phone! I’ll complete my review of the Garmin Fenix 5x when I get the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

It must seem like I’m only interested in electronic devices, haha. I am actually obsessed with hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, I am just holding back a bit because if my Visa is declined I’ll be pretty sad to say the least. If it is declined, I’ll still be travelling somewhere but it won’t be the same.

I probably won’t be posting for about a week. I want to prepare myself for the interview and whatnot.

Really busy the next few weeks

I won’t be able to write as much in the upcoming weeks. I’m really busy with work stuff and I’ve decided to move my Visa interview forward a tiny bit. Hopefully I can get an appointment around the end of next month (August.) Then after that I’m taking a week’s holiday.

Wish me luck! I really hope I can hike the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018, it would mean the world to me, haha :).

Strange DDOS attack

Rank Hits Flag Country IP Agent Platform Version
1 591 Unknown MSIE Windows 7.0
2 589 Unknown MSIE Windows 7.0
3 571 Unknown MSIE Windows 7.0
4 566 Unknown MSIE Windows 7.0
5 547 Unknown MSIE Windows 7.0
6 517 Unknown MSIE Windows 7.0
7 492 Unknown MSIE Windows 7.0
8 138 Unknown MSIE Windows 7.0
9 138 Unknown MSIE Windows 7.0
10 138 Unknown MSIE Windows 7.0

It’s funny, I’ve recently had spam requests trying to guess my admin password for the CentOS server I use to run this website. I can only assume it’s some kind of bruteforce attack.

Then even more recently, someone’s tried to trouble me with this attempted DDOS attack. In my opinion, as oxymoronic as this sounds, security through obscurity isn’t really security at all; however, WordPress is extremely popular and there are ways it can be violated/exploited. This specific type of attack probably wouldn’t exist if WordPress wasn’t so popular. I suggest reading about the “Disable XML-RPC Pingback” plugin and installing it.


Shops specialising in lightweight hiking and camping equipment

Over the last couple of years, I’ve stumbled upon a few companies that sell lightweight equipment useful for hiking and camping. They sell equipment well suited to long hiking trails such as the Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Te Araroa, etc.

The companies listed above use extremely lightweight materials for their backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, etc. and I believe the products are likely far better than mass produced stuff. It’s recommended a lot by hikers although I haven’t tried them yet myself, but they are expensive! ZPacks is my favourite but if you’re American, ordering from multiple companies shouldn’t be as problematic as it is for me here in England.

I’ve posted a bit too much about technological stuff lately! September (when I apply for my US Visa) is getting closer and closer and I’m getting really excited. I’ll try keep an eye out for other useful links :).

Pacific Crest Trail 2018 ~ US Visa Update

I’ve decided to re-apply for a US Visa in September. It’ll soon come around. Hopefully Trump is quite welcoming of English people :). If it is declined, I won’t be trying a third time. In my opinion, I’m an ideal candidate for a Tourist Visa but they’re weird.

I need to know either way. This is sort of a deciding factor to me as to what equipment to buy. For example, if it’s declined, I’ll get a warmer sleeping bag. If it’s accepted, I’ll get a -7c sleeping bag.

Expect to see my gear list change a lot after September :). Check out lighterpack if you haven’t already.