Possibly the worlds lightest lights for the Pacific Crest Trail

I recently stumbled upon a YouTube video regarding 20w and 100w LEDs. I’m not sure how it took me there since I was looking at something completely unrelated, but I had this idea that perhaps I could get something smaller for my travels. After searching Amazon for a little while, I found some wonderful USB powered LEDs. They’re only about 1 or 2 watts, but they’re probably quite useful if I want to take a photo of the tent from the outside.

Unlike most USB devices, these can work when they’re reversed too. They’re amazing. I’ve bought a couple, and I’ll see if I can use one of them in a reversed position, this way it would provide a 360 degree light source (a bit like a lantern) when they’re placed in a USB power bank. I’m not sure if these would be sufficient to replace a headlamp; I’ll provide an update soon when they arrive. It would certainly save a few grams. Considering the cost and weight of these devices, I think they’re at least worth trying out.


Data Storage Backup for Photographs on the Pacific Crest Trail

I’ve written various pages about GPS, batteries, storage and whatnot for travelling with cameras; however, I simply don’t have access to lots of Android or iOS phones to examine the transfer speeds of each device.


For this reason, I posted on the sdpcommunity forum, and I was informed about a product I had not heard of. It’s always fun to find new gadgets to potentially buy or play with.


The RAVPower Filehub Plus is a 6000mAh battery bank, to charge items via USB but it also lets your copy data from one storage medium to another. It does not have an internal hard drive, but this is a good thing because it keeps the weight down. It weighs 5.4oz or 154g but most of that weight is its 6000mAh battery. A typical standalone 6000mAh battery without any additional features usually weighs about 130 grams, so it’s not much heavier. I’m certainly considering getting one. If its speeds are the same as a phone, then it’s probably not worth me considering, but I’ll keep doing some research.


The sdpcommunity site is owned by Tony and Chelsea Northrup. They have a YouTube channel and do live broadcasts every week. They’re one of my favourite channels I like to watch :).