Visa Application for 6 Month Stay in the USA

The US visa application is important to me, as I want to stay in the United States of America for up to six months next year ~ it can be used repeatedly for up to ten years. The Pacific Crest Trail usually takes about 5.5 months to hike the full 2650+ miles, so a 6 month visa is ideal.

I’ll write an update regarding the interview and whatnot on my PCT Documentation page, but so far it’s been a bit of an annoyance. I don’t live near the embassy but it is what it is.

There goes more money because they don’t use Skype or cooperate with the British Passport Office.

Pacific Crest Trail 2017, backpack, sleeping bag and tent

I’m fairly confident I know what backpack, sleeping bag and tent to buy. I feel like I’ve concentrated too much on electronic equipment lately, and it’s been highlighted by the disastrous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 saga.  It is such a shame because I love that phone. I digress…

The ZPacks Altaplex is sort of a 1.5 man tent; I’m hoping that I’ll have room to fit camera equipment by my side. I’m quite tall (6ft3) so I doubt there’ll be much room by my feet.

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