Canadian Visa Approved — Yay

After my American Visa was declined, I couldn’t shake this desire I have to travel.

Sure there’s nothing quite like the Pacific Crest Trail, especially Yosemite (in my opinion at least) but Canada and New Zealand both have pretty amazing scenery. So I decided to apply for a Visa for each country. For the Canadian Visa (technically it’s called an eTA or Electronic Travel Authorisation but it’s a similar thing), I was completely honest and I stated I had been denied an American Visa. I wrote a letter explaining that I felt the process was quite unfair–the woman who interviewed me seemed bad at her job. To my surprise, my Canadian Visa application was approved today. I am really pleased :).  Continue reading “Canadian Visa Approved — Yay”

Pacific Crest Trail News

Having spent about £2,000 on a new computer, I realized that it brought me unhappiness because it just reminded me that I’m going to be indoors more often.

I have this huge desire to travel and although my VISA was declined I thought I’d apply for an ESTA in hopes I could at least hike for 90 days. Unfortunately, it too was declined (16/01/2016). Once your VISA is declined, I have been told that it’s pretty much guaranteed that your ESTA will also be declined.

I don’t know of a single place that attracts me like California does. I have looked at the Te Araroa in New Zealand. Are there any nice places to photograph on that trail? The Pacific Crest Trail is really beautiful. Getting a Canadian eTA is probably pretty easy but again, despite how large the country is, nothing quite attracts me like the PCT. I may try again in 2018. The last year went by really quickly, so perhaps a PCT 2018 hike isn’t unfathomable.

This whole thing has got me thinking about migration laws.

If a VISA is set up such that Americans are afraid you’ll live there permanently and you’ll have to prove you’re an asset to the country, why don’t such people just apply for a green card? I think countries should do better jobs at exporting illegal people because then maybe they won’t be so afraid of innocent people like myself having a VISA.

I’ve never been arrested. I’ve never had so much as a speeding ticket and I’ve had my license for ages! I’ve never been in debt. I’ve never required any large loans. Ugh…

On a happier and completely irrelevant note, I’ve bought an x-rite colour passport. If anyone would like a free colour profile for a Sony a7rII, let me know.

I’m also fairly up to date with computer components now and I can offer suggestions on what to buy if anyone is thinking of upgrading.

U.S Customs and Border Protection

Recently, my visa application was declined and at the start of the interview, I was told that I had been declined an ESTA application in the past. This made no sense to me at all and I felt the interviewer was unfair to me.

Today I contacted U.S Customs and Border Protection regarding an alleged ESTA application. I stated that I had been declined a visa and that I was told by the interviewer that I had also been declined an ESTA application in the past. I said I had never applied for an ESTA. Continue reading “U.S Customs and Border Protection”

Visa declined but it won’t stop me

Yesterday, my visa application was declined and I need it to hike the full Pacific Crest Trail in 2017–it was a terrible day in general. I wasn’t in a mood to think constructively, but I have a plan and if I pull it off, I will let everyone know as it might be beneficial for other hikers. I will edit my visa application page to sound a little less whiny and far more productive in the near future :).

Komperdell Vario 4 Ultralite Carbon Fibre Trekking Poles Ordered

I have ordered a pair of Komperdell Vario 4 Ultralite Carbon Fibre Trekking Poles. This is the first non photography related item I’ve bought for the Pacific Crest Trail in 2017.

I will do a full review after I’ve used them for a while–it might be as late as next year, as I don’t have many places to use them around here.

Continue reading “Komperdell Vario 4 Ultralite Carbon Fibre Trekking Poles Ordered”

Pacific Crest Trail 2017 Equipment – Stoves, Tents and Trekking Poles

I’m currently researching different stoves, tents and trekking poles for my Pacific Crest Trail 2017 gear list.

Different Stoves

From what I can establish so far, there are large devices that’re capable all in one solutions–these are often a favourite amongst hikers–such as the Jetboil systems. These are great, especially if you like to have hot drinks and cook hot meals; I tend to only drink water (I’m English; I don’t need to assist the downfall of my teeth.) Continue reading “Pacific Crest Trail 2017 Equipment – Stoves, Tents and Trekking Poles”