Pacific Crest Trail 2018 – Gear List

This is my gear list for my Pacific Crest Trail 2018 adventure. I want to hike the entire 2650+ miles but  I have to be realistic–it is difficult even for the fittest people. In my favour, I have a burning desire to do this hike and photography is hugely important to me, so I am sure I will enjoy the trip regardless of how many miles I achieve.

Pacific Crest Trail Photography

I have gone a bit overboard with camera technology and I’m currently a bit flustered with other gear; I have been using lighterpack to play around with various weights and it’s extremely useful. I’ve also been using lighterpack to help me determine what to buy; I own some of the items listed on this page.

I’ll be updating this page frequently, and I plan on making it concise for people to scroll through. It’ll contain my general gear list, as well as camera technology. Towards the start of the year, I focused more on camera technology because it’s something I can use in my day to day life and it’s not necessarily Pacific Crest Trail or travelling specific. I invested a fair bit of time researching the ideal smartphone and unfortunately it was time wasted–the phone in question has been recalled. I’m now focusing less on electronics (I have 90% of the electronics I need; I just need a USB power bank, a phone and some memory cards) and more on hiking and camping equipment. This year has whizzed by and I planned to focus on hiking and camping equipment around about now (November) due to sales, but I was really hoping I’d have the phone situation sorted–it can wait a bit longer.

Camera and electronic equipment

  • Sony a7rII ~ This can be powered directly from the solar panel
  • Sony NP-FW50 x2 (I am going to buy another before I leave, so that it’s new)
  • Sony Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 lens
  • Sony Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 lens ~ I might not bring this, especially as I can take JPGs with a phone in this focal range
  • Zeiss Loxia 21mm f/2.8 lens
  • Breakthrough Photography X4 52mm 6 Stop Neutral Density Filter ~ This thing is amazing
  • Solar Paper 7.5 watt ~ I’ll possibly send one panel home if I wish to reduce weight
  • Semi home-made tripod with a Giottos 1004 head ~ Legs will be attached to my hiking poles. Pictures will be added to my review when I have found some hiking poles I like
  • Neewer® USB Battery Charger for NP-FW50 Rechargeable Batteries
  • Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire ~ For geotagging photographs and creating daily GPS tracklogs
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ~ For cloning SD cards, contacting family, GPS maps, ordering things and whatnot — This phone has been discontinued; I have to find another. Unfortunately there’s nothing on the market that’s quite like this
  • Op/Tech Rainsleeve ~ This is lightweight, simple, cheap and extremely effective

Electronic uncertainty

  • Google Pixel ~ This phone is lacklustre compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but at least it’s lightweight, supposedly reliable and can fit in a ziplock bag quite easily
  • Bosavi Head Lamp
  • USB Battery packs. I may modify a Patriot FUEL+ pack. Ankor make a battery pack that’s 30g heavier than normal but it allows you to backup SD cards ~ if you own an HTC 10, Google Pixel or a phone with fast USB speeds, this is not necessary
  • Z-Line Dyneema® Cord ~ To fix Solar Paper

Miscellaneous uncertainty

  • Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX® Shoes
  • ZPacks™ Arc Haul-Zip Backpack ~ Extra weight; unlikely
  • ZPacks™ Duplex Ultralight Two Person Tent
  • ZPacks™ 900 Sleeping Bag
  • Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite SOL Sleeping Pad

The Big Three

  • ZPacks™ 900 Sleeping Bag ~ the 20f (-7c for Europeans) model
  • ZPacks™ Arc Haul Dyneema Backpack ~ Non Zip version plus extras
    • Multi Pack – Four in one backpack lid / chest pack / belt pack ~ $45
    • One Belt Pouch ~ $25
    • One Shoulder Pouch ~ $25
    • Key Pouch ~ $15
    • Ice Axe Loops ~ $10
    • Trekking Pole Holders ~ $10
    • Lumbar Pad ~ $15
    • Shoulder Strap Pads ~ $20
    • Pack Liner Dry Bag ~ $45
    • Pillow Dry Bag ~ $35
  • ZPacks™ Altaplex Ultralight One Person Tent

The tent is good but a Duplex tent might allow me to take more equipment inside. The Duplex doesn’t require such tall trekking poles but it does require two of them.

I’m uncertain about the backpack. I’ll likely start buying most of my Pacific Crest Trail 2017 Equipment during black Friday sales (in a couple of weeks.) I want to buy things early so I can focus on more important stuff, such as fitness.


Cooking and Water Research

  • Jetboil Flash ~ 400g
  • Olicamp Kinetic Ultra Titanium Stove ~ 48.2g (1.7oz for free folk :)) ~ decent in winds ~ not very stable
  • SOTO Windmaster Stove ~ 65g (2.3oz) – 113g (4oz) ~ better in winds ~ stable with 4 prong setup
  • Zpacks Evernew .9L Titanium ~ 93g
  • Sawyer Squeeze
  • SteriPEN Aqua ~ 82g
    • Any coloration will not allow the UV light to penetrate the water and it’s heavy
  • Aquamira – Part A and B Drops ~ 28g

Hiking Related

Hiking pole research complete


I will likely do reviews of all the equipment I buy at some point or other. I’ll also add the exact prices and weights in both metric and imperial. This page is a mess for now :).


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