Pacific Crest Trail 2018 – Gear List

I planned to through hike the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018; this gear list is incredibly rough. I wanted to hike the entire 2650+ miles but my Visa was denied twice. I will be hiking the Great Divide Trail in Canada instead, and the gear list is very similar (aside from clothing items.) I suggest you check out my Great Divide Trail gear list page instead, in a few weeks. I’ve ordered quite a few items but it’s still not complete. Even though I’m not going to be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail next year, I’d like to make this gear list usable for someone.

In my favour, I still have a burning desire to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Hopefully if I can find enough money, I can re-apply for a US Visa after hiking the Great Divide Trail in Canada, and the experience will help approval. Photography is hugely important to me, so I am sure I will enjoy hiking this trail regardless of how many miles I achieve, when I am allowed to actually hike it that is.

I will get around to reviewing all of the equipment I buy and use at some point too. My apologies for mixing metric with imperial–this page is a complete mess :). Embedded into this Pacific Crest Trail 2018 Gear list page is a lighterpack gearlist.

It’s overwhelming as to the amount of information available online and I’ve been using lighterpack as it’s easier than WordPress to mess around with pack weights and whatnot. I suggest you try it out as it doesn’t cost anything. I’ll be updating this Pacific Crest Trail 2018 gear list within the next two months (it’s currently November 2017.)


Pacific Crest Trail Photography

I always go a bit overboard with camera technology for hikes. I think a Sony a6500 might be more appropriate but for me there’s no reason to spend even more money for a camera worse than my own. I’d also love to make an income from photography when I’m good enough and this can help future trips.

Camera and electronics equipment

  • Sony a7rII ~ This can be powered directly from a solar panel
  • Sony NP-FW50 x2 (I am going to buy another before I leave, so that it’s new)
  • Sony Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 lens
  • Sony Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 lens ~ I might not bring this, especially as I can take JPGs with a phone in this focal range
  • Zeiss Loxia 21mm f/2.8 lens
  • Breakthrough Photography X4 52mm 6 Stop Neutral Density Filter ~ This thing is amazing
  • Solar Paper 7.5 watt ~ I’ll possibly send one panel home if I wish to reduce weight (I’ve used this in the UK and it works well.)
  • Semi home-made tripod with a Giottos 1004 head ~ Legs will be attached to my hiking poles. Pictures will be added to my review eventually.
  • Neewer® USB Battery Charger for NP-FW50 Rechargeable Batteries
  • Garmin Fenix 5x Sapphire ~ For geotagging photographs and creating daily GPS tracklogs
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – For communication and backing up photographs
  • Op/Tech Rainsleeve ~ This is lightweight, simple, cheap and extremely effective
  • Lowepro Toploader 45 AW II. I’m in favour of this versus a peak design clip because it’s lightweight and allows you to put your camera somewhere while it’s not in use but it still allows protection and easy access. At some point, I will show photographs of how to attach this in a way you can grab at your camera quickly without the strap being around your neck :).

Electronic uncertainty

  • Zebralight H53w ~ These are not easy to get in the UK.
  • USB Battery packs. I may modify a Patriot FUEL+ pack. Ankor make a battery pack that’s 30g heavier than normal but it allows you to backup SD cards ~ if you own an Samsung Galaxy S8, HTC 10, Google Pixel or any phone like the aforementioned with fast USB speeds, this is not necessary

Miscellaneous uncertainty

The Big Three

  • ZPacks™ 900 Sleeping Bag ~ the 20f (-7c for Europeans) model
  • Gossamer gear – Mariposa 60
    • ZPacks™ Pack Liner Dry Bag ~ $45
  • ZPacks™ Altaplex Ultralight One Person Tent

My Komperdell Ultralite Vario 4 Trekking Poles extend quite far and will be used to hold up the ZPacks Altaplex.


  • Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite SOL ~ 410g
  • Gossamergear Polycryo Ground Sheet ~ 46g

Cooking and Water Research

I won’t be cooking due to camera equipment, but if I was to cook, I’d bring something tiny and not a Jetboil Flash.

  • Olicamp Kinetic Ultra Titanium Stove ~ 48.2g (1.7oz for free folk :)) ~ decent in winds ~ not very stable
  • SOTO Windmaster Stove65g (2.3oz) – 113g (4oz) ~ better in winds ~ stable with 4 prong setup
  • Aquamira – Part A and B Drops ~ 28g

Hiking Related

  • Komperdell Vario 4 Ultralight Carbon Fibre Trekking Poles ~ 436g ~ adjustable ~ 145cm max ~ works with tent

Other hiking poles you might want to consider

  • Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles Carbon Fibre ~ 400g ~ £25
  • Leki – Carbon Titanium – Trekking poles ~ 422g ~ adjustable ~ good clamp system ~ 135 max
  • Leki – MICRO VARIO CARBON ~ 448g ~ adjustable ~ good clamp system ~ 130cm max
  • Black Diamond – Distance Carbon Z Trekking Poles ~ 284g ~ lightweight ~ nonadjustable ~ 130cm max ~ review says not durable
  • FIZAN Compact Trekking Poles ~ 340g ~ great but not available in the USA
  • Komperdell Vario 4 Ultralight Carbon Fibre Trekking Poles ~ 436g ~ adjustable ~ 145cm max ~ works with tent



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