Raspberry Pi Bitcoin Monitor with OLED Ticker

Below is a python script to check the current bitcoin (BTC) value in USD and GBP, and it will output the values to a Raspberry Pi OLED, it will also round the values up to “2” and “3” decimal places. In addition, it monitors the value of my current bitcoin wallet–you have to change this value manually. If you search for “q” and change the value “0.026” to the amount of bitcoins you own, you can then monitor bitcoins more accurately and see if they’re increasing in value.

Raspberry Pi OLED Bitcoin Ticker Code

The code is a bit messy, and I’ve been playing around with it for a while. You can tidy it up if you want, haha. It is functional though, just make sure you download the font and put it in the same directory as the python script.

  • nano scriptname.py
  • save
  • apt-get install screen
  • screen
  • python scriptname.py
  • Ctrl a + d

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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