Carbon Fibre Kestrel Titanium Skeleton EDC knife for hiking

The Swiss army classic is everyone’s favourite knife for thru-hikes (actually it’s spelled “through” but for some reason, everyone writes “thru-hike” and google will hate me if I spell it correctly), and with good reason too. The scissors are decent, the knife can open packages and take down huge bears (ahem), and there’s a nail file.

I was looking for something I could actually eat with, and perhaps cut cheese. I chose a Kestrel Titanium knife but I noticed the handle would benefit from a centre pillar. In all honesty, the knife probably doesn’t need it but I had some carbon fibre laying around, and a pencil and some sanding paper.

The sanding job isn’t perfect. I began to get a bit tired, I didn’t use a template like I should have (I just kept bringing it up to my eye and guessing) and if you notice you can see a slight error on the right. However, it strengthens the handle, it doesn’t really weigh anything (the Titanium Skeleton EDC weighs about 13 sans carbon fibre handle) and I think it looks pretty cool :).

I’m going to dye some epoxy and fill in the mistake at the top. The knife’s blade is interesting. It’s impregnated with steel along the edge and is claimed to self sharpen. I suspect it’ll work up to a point but I haven’t tried it much. For cutting fruit, it’s incredible! I will not be cutting paper and stuff with it, I’ll use my other knife for that.

Here’s another couple of photographs where you can see the blade. I didn’t take a photograph of the other side, whoops. It’s sharpened on one side and the other doesn’t have the steel impregnation.

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