Sony GM lenses, Godox & Profoto lighting updates, etc.

Following my recent post, I feel I should  write a bit of an update :). I have a lot planned, and as I’ve expressed before, I’d like to work in Canada. The easiest way to do that is to run a business for a few years.

I’ve been asking myself a bunch of questions, and comparing gear. At the moment, here’s some of my thoughts?

  • What types of photography do I want to do?
    • I’m better at things not involving people quite so much and my brain is more technically minded. I believe I can get quite good at interior photography and perhaps product photography if I put the effort in. I’d also like to be able to do pet photography which falls into the category of portraits. Weddings are attractive due to income but it is not something I’d want to start with. I’d also like to do some macro, which product photography can fall into. This would help increase the quality of my website, exponentially (for example, if I were to write a review of the Garmin Fenix 5X watch, it’d make sense to have a decent photograph of it).
  • What lighting will I need for the photography I want to do?
    • I’ve looked at interior photographs I like, for real estate, and they all use numerous flashes. I believe I will need about five speedlights for this. For pet photography, about two higher powered strobes, probably no more than 250 watts. For product and macro, even more than that. I believe a bunch of speedlights and one high quality strobe is enough to start with.
    • In an ideal world, I’d probably have a Broncolor Siros 400, Profoto B10 and a bunch of Godox speedlights. Unfortunately, none of that is going to communicate with each other.
  • What lighting modifiers will I need for the photography I want to do?
    • Some CTO gels
    • A 75mm octabox with grid. Preferably the Elinchrom 75mm deep octabox, but… It doesn’t let you put on grids.
  • What lenses or rather what focal lengths and apertures will I need for the photography I want to do?
    • 12-24mm zoom or 12mm and 15mm primes (I already have other wide angle focal lengths covered), 100mm macro, perhaps a wide aperture portrait (85mm f/1.4) and a 70-200mm later on (this is not a priority, unless I don’t bother with a dedicate portrait lens and I just get a 12-24mm zoom and a 70-200mm zoom).
  • How does Godox compare to Profoto and does Godox offer a flash as small and colour accurate as the Profoto B10?
    • In my opinion, the Godox AD600 Pro is superior to anything Profoto offers in its class but unfortunately, the Godox AD200 is not likely to be as good as the Profoto B10, due to colour accuracy and ease of use with modifiers, and light stands. If Godox were to release a Godox AD20o Pro or a Godox AD300 Pro, I think I’d be all in. Their speedlights are incredible for the money. I want something like the Godox AD200 with more colour accuracy, and the Godox AD400 Pro is simply a bit too big for some stuff I want to do. Profoto is potentially on to a winner with the Profoto B10, but they don’t have any speedlights that’re worth considering. Therefore, Godox potentially has a better ecosystem for what I want to do, but perhaps I should mix and match somehow.
  • Does Godox offer a flash comparable with the Profoto B1X?
    • The Godox AD400 Pro is comparable; it is cheaper and has a higher quality light output, etc.
  • Does Broncolor offer flashes comparable to Profoto, Godox or Profoto?
    • Their Siros lights are comparable but heavy on a light stand, and they don’t really do a Profoto B10 or Godox AD200 equivalent. The Broncolor Move is superior to anything Profoto offers and their Siros lights are superior in terms of colour quality.
  • Can the Sony 85mm f/1.4 G Master lens do macro with a Harumi filter?
    • I believe the Sony 85mm f/1.4 G Master lens can do macro with a filter but I’m not sure how good it is. If it’s really good, then this lens with a Sony 12-24mm FE lens might be all I need to start with.
  • Will the Voigtlander 110mm FE be suitable for portraiture?
    • I think this will be too slow to focus with, for certain types of pet photography, and its aperture might not be ideal for the more artistic shots. However, I can see it’d be really, really good for some portraiture. Therefore, I’m a bit on the fence and I’d quite like to own both, haha. I’m not sure which I’d buy first…
  • Will a Wacom Cintiq be necessary and what are its downfalls?
    • I think the Wacom Intuos Pro Medium will be enough, however, when I live in Canada, a tablet with a screen is more useful because I can plug it into a lightweight computer and not need to buy a secondary monitor. It’s also nice to edit what’s on a screen. Unfortunately, when you press the pen onto the screen, it’s like putting your finger on a typical LCD. The smaller models aren’t as good in terms of colour accuracy either.
  • What will I do if something fails?
    • If I buy Godox, I can afford to buy secondary equipment. If I buy Profoto, it’s pushing it.
  • What are my plans for my website?
    • I’d like to pay an artist to make a bunch of icons, so I have about six icons mobile users tap. I’ll make everything minimalist. I’m not sure if this means I will develop a whole new theme for this site or make a secondary site and polish this one.
  • What’s currently wrong with it?
    • The reviews are poorly written, I’ve rushed them and I haven’t put enough effort into the photographs I took of the equipment (it’s a bore setting up equipment to take review photographs, but I will get around to that one day).
  • Why are my photographs bad?
    • My composition could be better but I think primarily they lack decent lighting, editing, and the idea behind them could be a lot better.
  • What photographs are better and why?
    • While in Canada, I took plenty of snapshots of where I went to document my trip in a way–they weren’t very good. When I sat around for a while and took more effort into my shots, it definitely showed. So I think a lot of it comes down to effort and being deliberate. Either I want to travel somewhere for fun and rush to take a pic, or I want to go somewhere with their sole purpose of taking a photograph.
  • What am I likely to buy?
    • Godox AD400 Pro, a bunch of Godox speedlights an an AD200. The Profoto B10 is far more tempting than their other lights, so I don’t know. For lenses, the Sony 12-24mm f/4 FE lens and probably the Sony 85mm f/1.4 G Master lens. I’m really tempted by the macro too. Lastly, a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium. I can’t justify buying everything at once, nor can I afford to do so. With that in mind, I’m a bit confused. This isn’t all down to cost, either. Regardless of cost, some of the Godox equipment is genuinely better than Profoto but also, I suspect the Profoto B10 is superior to some of the Godox stuff. It’s really hard to decide.

The list is pretty endless, and that’s why it’s taking me a long, long time to buy equipment and whatnot.

If these were lenses, you’d see people dissembling them (like lensrental) and doing all kinds of objective testing. With lights, we’re told by some guy to believe it’s a better light, with better build quality and no real evidence to back it up.



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