Hike in Scotland & photography & portfolio site


Last year I went to Canada and it was my first time travelling alone, I loved it! I now have the travel bug, but I can’t really afford to go anywhere expensive. I’m from the UK and I’ve been to all of England but not Scotland.

When I went to Canada, my photographs were compromised because I hiked many, many miles each day. I don’t regret my trip at all and I can’t express how much I enjoyed parts of Canada. However, I’d like to take more professional photographs and I have a different goal in mind for my next adventure. This time I’d actually like to hike a bit one day, camp, take photographs the next, and hike the day after or something like that. Whatever I do, I want to make the trip more about photography and less about the hiking. Taking photographs at 2pm? Yeah, not cool (especially with a bear nearby).

Do you have any experiences hiking in Scotland? Are there any places you recommend where I can float around the area and no one mind if I camp there?

Portfolio site update

I have another update regarding my new site I’m creating. I’ve made a cool menu system I’m pleased with. I should probably get some screen recording software and show it on YouTube, but hopefully it’ll be done soon. It’s kind of a 3D effect :). You can see it if you follow my instagram and view the story (if you follow me, let me know and I’ll follow you back. I don’t pay an awful lot of attention to instagram).

When my new website is done, I can go back to taking photographs. At the moment I’m coding day and night, haha. I feel a bit ashamed with this site, because it’s a bit sloppy.  After a while, I would really like to make a new theme for it but obviously income comes first. When I make the new theme, I’ll completely remove the portfolio page from it and use my other site to display my photographs. This has a lot of bugs in general, although it displays okay on a 1920 x 1200px screen.

My absolute dream would be to get good enough at landscape photographs such that I can sell them in an online store, and then travel for half of the year, haha. I think I’ve been watching too much YouTube.


Business website update & instagram & Godox X2T Trigger

I’m just making a small update regarding my business website. For those unfamiliar, I am in the process of coding a second website for my business side of things. This website has been a bit of an experimental process.

I’m a lot further to completing the theme, and it looks a lot more professional than the theme I’ve made on this website. I think that once it’s complete, I might look into changing the theme here as well. We’ll see.

If webdesign interests you at all and you’d like to see what I’ve been making, I post updates on my instagram story fairly regularly.

Godox X2T Transmitter

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a second flash transmitter for a while now. For one thing, it’s always a good idea to have redundancy (especially as I had a pair of batteries leak acid inside–it’s lucky they didn’t break it) but it’s actually for something unexpected. For interior photography, normally I tilt the camera screen up, so that when the camera is next to a wall I can still see the screen. The Godox X1T screen (the Godox X2T Transmitter screen location will be the same) doesn’t have that luxury. The result is that when the camera is pushed up really close to a wall, it’s almost impossible to see the flash settings.

The Godox X2T transmitter will have bluetooth amongst other things, but I may not use it (I honestly don’t know). For this reason, I am considering an X-Pro2 instead. It’s a tough call to make because if the bluetooth feature is well implemented, I might be able to then use my phone more. Selecting between controlling the camera with my phone and controlling the flash might be a bit awkward so I’m back to considering a transmitter with the screen on top. Interestingly, for portraiture I’d prefer it in the same location as the Godox X2T transmiter. It’s pretty nice us Godox users have options.