Camera equipment update for real estate photography

Camera hard case

I’ve been searching for a few new items for interior / real estate photography. I’ve just ordered a hard case vanguard 46d (not the foam model) for my photography equipment and that’ll be here thursday hopefully. I’ll review it and mention why I bought this model, its dimensions, etc. in the review.


I think I’ve made my final decision to get the Godox AD200 Pro and not the Godox V1 for now. There’s a few reasons for this… One, you can take off the head with the Godox AD200 Pro. So you can pack them in foam and they’re less likely to break than a bigger/heavier item wobbling about (the Godox V1 is obviously a smaller flash but as you cannot remove the head, it’s effectively bigger). The Godox AD200 Pro has a better mounting system too, as there’s a couple of threads to screw onto. I would still like the Godox V1 but my budget doesn’t allow for both at the moment.

Wide angle lens

Next up is lenses… I really need a circular polariser and those for the 12-24 are expensive. I also need to lighten my load for landscape photography, so for now I think I’ve decided on buying the Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master lens. I won’t order it until the vanguard 46d hard case arrives. I already have a CPL, so there’s no extra cost there.

Small footprint lightstand

Lastly, I need a small footprint lightstand for a speedlight or the Godox AD200 Pro. This is where it might make sense to actually buy the Godox V1 (it’s lighter and won’t tilt a light-stand so easily). Ideally I want something that folds very compact, and the legs don’t stick out a mile. I’m not going to be using heavy modifiers so the legs don’t have to be super stable. If anyone has any ideas, let me know! It has to be compact because I have to be able to get this stuff on public transport.

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