Photochirp website updates

Within the next week or two, I’m going to be making these changes to this website:

  • Scalable font sizes for different screen resolutions e.g. 4k screens will be easier to read
  • A page listing reviews and the various pages

At the moment, I’ve temporarily made an “all pages” page, but it’s an ugly mess (I’ve left it there because viewing links on mobile is problematic). Ultimately I want to have the pages listed in a sort of table format, with headings. There is a drop down menu on the PC but it’s not very easy to see all of the pages I have written.

Future updates:

  • I’d like to kill off some of the advertisements (hopefully that doesn’t have an effect on SEO) as they’re ugly
  • Remove the portfolio page (I don’t update it frequently enough and a separate portfolio site will be live fairly soon)
  • Perhaps a new theme altogether

As usual I have other more important stuff to do, but I can start on the first two points tomorrow.

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