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Hey everyone,

I’ve decided to skip going to Scotland this year as I can’t really afford it, and I’m going to go to Canada again next year. I would like to visit a few new places such as Jasper and perhaps visit some places I’ve already been to. I am interested in taking better photographs of bears and wolves next time. If I can find the funds, I would like to get a telephoto lens. As I know Canada a lot better than before, I feel I can plan my trip way better too. I am, without question, going to concentrate more on photography and blogging while I travel and I probably won’t hike 15-20 miles each day every day, haha. I don’t regret my decision last year, I think it fundamentally changed me as a person for the better but I’ve simply learned a few things along the way and how I want to do things differently in the future :).

One thing I have learned with this website is that it’s actually really hard to keep putting out content. Even if that content is a poorly worded review (I’m guilty of plenty of those), it takes quite a lot of time. That said, I think I am getting better at it and my site looks tidier these days :).

Godox V1-S, Godox AD200 Pro and Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master Lens Reviews

I am still waiting for my Godox V1-S to arrive. My Sony 16-35gm has been here a while and so far I love it. I am also going to sell off some stuff I don’t use, sell my Godox AD200 and then buy the Godox AD200 Pro. I’m hoping with the money I make, it will cover the small difference in price. These three things will be the reviews I’ll focus on next.

At some point I’d like another AK-R1 kit because they are an absolute game changer in terms of speed. Shooting inside houses has to be done as quickly as possible and being able to put a 1/4 CTO gel on quickly makes a huge difference.

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