Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus 5G, Note 9 and Note 8 S-Pen Problem


This is to help people with the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus 5G, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. As a bit of a back-story, Samsung a few generations back recalled a lineup of phones because the batteries were catching fire. I’ve built quite a few lithium battery packs long before phones (I believe the Apple iPhone was the first smartphone to use them?) used them, and I’d see the effects of them being treated improperly. I explained to Samsung that even if there were no manufacturing faults with the phone in question, you’d still have battery problems due to the design. It was ignored, the batteries were changed and then there was a second recall because the same problem persisted (as per my claim). It was complete negligence because I had warned them.

Samsung refused to take my advice, they refused to compensate me beyond what I’d paid for the phone and carphonewarehouse (the company I’d bought the phone from) were EXTREMELY unhelpful. When it came to buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung refused to offer me any discounts and made it clear that the discounts were only available for the Samsung Galaxy S8. Keep in mind that this whole fiasco costed me time sending the phone to be recalled and whatnot. The deal they offered wasn’t the same type of phone I wanted. Needless to say I was disappointed but I really liked the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone and bought it at full-price. I needed a waterproof, USB-C USB 3.0 phone capable of being a powerhouse while travelling.

I discovered that a lot of users were having problems with their phones with the S-Pen, so I posted on the official Samsung forums and told them that it’s likely a magnet with their case. I reported the issue to Samsung and as always, they were unhelpful. I explained they should include it in an FAQ but they wouldn’t listen. I then noticed a security flaw with the Samsung forums so I requested my account be deleted thereby removing some of the proof that I’ve gone to such lengths to help the company. Perhaps if you read this article and it helps you, you can simply link it to a few people. Do not copy and paste what’s written but link it. I want them to notice it so they can pass a comment on the matter.

If you have a magnet in your case, it interferes with the magnetism the pen uses for its wireless technology. Take the case off and see if you still have a problem. The chances are, the problem no longer exists.

I hope this helps.

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