Sony a7r IV, Sony 100-400mm GM Reviews & Travelling

After months of being undecided, I’ve finally decided on what to buy for travelling this year. I will be buying a Sony a7r IV and keeping the Sony a7r II as a backup camera. I’ve also decided on a Sony 100-400mm GM lens which goes against my “keep it small and lightweight” theme I bought into Sony for. I plan to do a Sony a7r IV review and a Sony 100-400mm GM lens review. I’ll be using and reviewing the Sony 100-400mm GM lens as a landscape lens with a bit of wildlife thrown in.

Currently, there are absolutely no Sony a7r IV camera reviews which talk about the wireless FTP features of the camera. I find this a great shame because the Canon r5 and no doubt Canon r5 reviews will steal a lot of its thunder for having a “cloud based” photography service. The Sony a7r IV and all third generation Sony cameras actually have a much, much superior system to Canon or Nikon in this regard.

I will also talk about SD UHS-II speeds compared to XQD/CFE cards. There’s this myth that Sony should have used XQD/CFE cards; my guess is people haven’t actually checked the speeds and instead are simply reading the spec sheets. The Nikon z6 does not write to its card much quicker than the Sony a7r IV. While on paper these cards might be superior, in reality you’re spending a lot more for almost no speed benefit (while in camera). This may change in the future, and cameras might get quicker and the cards might become more efficient, but by that time UHS-III will be quite popular.

I don’t want to jinx my plans, so I am keeping things pretty quiet for now, but if all works out, I will have hundreds/thousands of photographs to share. I am a part of a photography based discord server and if you’d like to join it, shoot me an email in the “about” section. This website is poorly managed by me and it covers too many topics, so a while ago I started making some other websites (I’d rather have more websites that focus on one subject rather than one website which focuses on everything).

Eventually my plan is to have some websites which are quite polished, a whole lot less advertisements and places people want to follow. When I made this website, I planned on blogging about the PCT and so it kind of lost its way haha.

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