Godox AD300 Pro

Hey everyone,

Godox have recently announced a Godox AD300 Pro. It seems to be somewhat like the Profoto B10 only it’s got a better head (barebulb, so it will fill a parabolic much better) and slightly more powerful. If this was announced at the same time as the Godox AD200 Pro, I would have bought the Godox AD300 Pro instead, most likely. It’s quite a bit heavier though and it’ll no doubt be a bit more expensive.

I wish there was a firmware update to make the Godox V1 run slightly warmer. It’s a very colour stable flash but it won’t colour balance with the new Godox AD300 Pro, I believe. I hope and assume the Godox AD300 Pro colour balances with the Godox AD400 Pro.

I always like to have at least one speedlight in my kit, and the Godox V1, aside from the slightly cool flash temperature, is by far the best speedlight on the market right now. Good stuff, Godox.

The Godox AD1200 Pro also looks like a great flash. They’ve overcome the battery issues, for flights, by offering a battery with a smaller capacity. You can find more details about it on the Godox AD1200 Pro adorama sales page.

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