Surface Book 3 & Travelling

Microsoft have recently released the Microsoft Surface Book 3. It’s a bit lacklustre in my opinion. The business model has a decent graphics card, but the CPU still under-performs compared to the competition, and I assume this is because it has to be included in the detachable screen — an obviously small device. In some ways, I think it would make a lot of sense for them to release a proper normal sized laptop, like the macbook pro.

I guess I like the ideas they’ve come up with but the problems with them are starting to show through now that the competition is much faster.

I’d like to get a Surface Pro 7 or Surface Pro 8, in a 16 GB model, at some point for work.


In other news, I’m hoping I’ll get to travel this year but, well, it’s all quite messy. I was due to work abroad and that has fell through I believe, at least until next year. I’ve been a bit cursed with travelling the last few years. If it does happen, I should be able to get some much better photographs this time around as I have improved a lot recently :).

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