Tony Northrup “5 Things I HATE about the Sony a7S III” response

Tony Northrup recently published a video criticising the Sony a7s III. I’ll try keep this impersonal.

He criticised FTP for being old. The wheel was invented around 3,500 B.C. Is the wheel a bad design just because it’s old? Nope. Not all old technology is bad.

  • FTP does not require apps.
  • FTP is simple to set up on your own or someone else’s server.
  • FTP has been updated (it wasn’t simply invented and left alone).
  • FTP is commonplace and an industry standard.
  • Ask any web designer if they’ve heard of FTP and if they find it generally more reliable than other types of file transfer between computers.
  • FTP can be installed on a cheap machine, like a raspberry pi.

The list of positives for FTP are endless.

Canon cloud lasted about two weeks before it was hacked. I am surprised someone who claims to have been a network expert (I find that hard to believe) would push cloud usage so much.

The next complaint is that Sony cameras should be android… To my knowledge, they’re using Linux; Android is based off of Linux. What would be the benefit of having something pointlessly more bloated? If I want to browse the web, I use my phone, a computer, etc. Not my camera.

Generally speaking, android fails to receive updates on a phone after a couple of years and sometimes features just disappear. Do you want that on a camera or an operating system that the manufacturer is completely in control of and will get updated?

Android was installed sandboxed on the Sony a7r II on top of its linux operating system. This was proven sluggish and I won’t go too deep into it but it was unnecessary. It also created problems (you cannot flash bracket with wifi).

I hope we don’t end up with an apple phone like camera.

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