Karl Taylor “favourite modifier” response

Karl Taylor’s recent video about modifiers has some things in it I disagree with. I fear he’s becoming to broncolor what fstoppers is to profoto i.e. inaccurate statements are made to help push sales.

You don’t get what you pay for, and I think educators should teach this. What you buy should depend on what you want to shoot. A leica won’t be as good for wedding photography as a sony a7iii, despite the latter being cheaper. A profoto b10 plus in a broncolor para won’t be as good for fashion photography as a godox ad1200 pro in a parabolix (despite the latter being much cheaper).

A godox AD400 pro with a parabolix reflector, and another godox ad400 pro with a fotodiox $50 reflector will yield a more color matched output than 2 broncolor siros lights with all broncolor modifiers and the colour stability will be incredible too. I’ve labelled these specific models because I’m aware early godox products were not stable in color temperature. Broncolor is known for great colour consistency but the latest Godox models are incredible.

Different brands have their advantages and they have their weaknesses.

I’ve some other points to mention…

  1. The blurred out parabolix photo is actually a true parabola. A cynic might believe he blurred out enough of the product not to be sued, but kept enough for it to be recognised.
  2. On the parabolix site, the pages distance-to-subject and light-focusing-system show the same diagrams he’s used and the example with the lighthouse. Interestingly, it talks about the sun behaving like a parabolic light. It would have been cool if he spoke about this and spent less time trying to take not so subtle jabs at the competition (one commenter argued he plagiarised their content; naturally he pulled the “I’ve been photographing for a long time” anti-argument).
  3. Claiming only barebulb heads work… Actually not true; barebulb works better in general and I hate that profoto have gone recessed tube only with their recent flashes. I’ve criticised them a lot for it and complimented godox for going in another direction, but the reality is, it’s not that simple. If you put a para 133 focusing rod in the para 88 for example, with a profoto head, you’ll get great results… Don’t get me wrong here, barebulb are better in many cases (not for shooting at a scrim) but the notion that you can’t use a recessed tube is wrong.
  4. The broncolor material shifts the colour temperature far more than the parabolix. Try it yourself with a color meter if you don’t believe.

Broncolor sell some great flash products (I’m considering buying them myself although if Karl Taylor keeps making these inaccurate statements, I may have to rethink — it’s disgusting seeing small companies like parabolix discredited), but I’d look elsewhere for accessories in most cases. The move battery pack is $600+ and it’s a few 18650 batteries in a cheap case. Profoto suffer the same problem, google “profoto b2 disassembled battery pack” for proof of this.

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