My thoughts on the Godox AD100 Pro

The Godox AD100 Pro is a cute flash that I’d probably prefer to own instead of the Godox V1 (I’ve bought two now). It’s powerful for its size, it’s portable, it’s great for a lot of uses. From all I’ve seen and know about Godox, I’d recommend them to a lot of people.

I may see myself going away from Godox in the future though, and that’s not something you should necessarily do.

Number one… the colour. Not the consistency, these are just as consistent as any other brand and in some cases more consistent (yes, even compared to Profoto). Ignore what people tell you, run a spectrometer on them and see for yourself.

The problem is though, the Godox V1 runs cool. And I imagine the Godox AD100 Pro advertised as “5800+/-200k” has the same bulb in itas the Godox V1. Each bulb I’ve tried with the Godox AD200 Pro has a different colour temperature. It’s really annoying. Perhaps owning a bunch of Godox AD300 Pro’s is all I’d need and I might consider that an option, but I feel both Profoto and Broncolor at least make an attempt to make all of their flashes the same colour temperatures. Even if I buy a bunch of Godox AD300 Pro’s, it’s still in a mount that I’d need to adapt as there just isn’t many things for the Godox mount.

The second most annoying thing, especially when comparing to Profoto, is that each flash seems to have its own mounting type. I’m exaggerating a bit but Godox has the Godox mount, bowens mount, and then some flashes uses the Godox mount and some can be adapted but end up taking up more space, etc. It’s all a mess in practical usage.

A lot of the internals are great but I think some of the design with the Godox ecosystem just hasn’t been thought through enough. This of course isn’t something popular youtubers will want to admit (they like their money in some form or other) but if you’re a photographer, I wouldn’t discount Profoto or Broncolor completely at this point. I’m not saying those are perfect either. Profoto still doesn’t offer a barebulb flash and the transmitter is terrible.

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