Sony Alpha 1 new camera and their marketing

The Sony a7 and Sony a9 series started to make less sense to me recently. The Sony a7r II had the fastest auto focus, best video (except in low light), etc. and was an expensive camera. At the time, it was a bit of a “do it all” and I liked that because if you had the money, you could have it all.

Much later, the Sony a7r IV arrived and it wasn’t the fastest autofocus, the EVF, menus, card slots, etc. aren’t as good as the Sony a7s III and that’s a shame because it’s a high resolution camera that could benefit from those features. How do you make a Sony a7IV without encroaching on the Sony a9ii?

I got the impression that Sony just wanted to put the best features into their latest camera, regardless of where that camera sat in the hierarchical system. I feel like if there is a Sony a7IV, it’ll have better features than the Sony a7r IV.

I even said as much to people that the only camera I could see them making at this current time, which made any sense to me, would be a high powered do-it-all camera. Alternatively, they’d need to change their lower end somewhat, which they did with the Sony a7c.

So I think from a marketing perspective, The Sony Alpha 1 or Sony a1 (whatever it’s called) makes sense. It’s kind of the camera we needed to see, plus it defeats Canon (for now). It’s significantly different from other models. Then again, wasn’t the “s” now meant to mean “supreme”? and not low resolution? Therefore, wouldn’t a Sony a9s make sense? I guess I’m a bit confused why we’ve got the a9 series with no “s” or “r”, the a7 series with “c”, “r”, “s”, etc. and now the a1. As technology changes, I think they’ll struggle to have so many models but perhaps I’m wrong.

In terms of what I want in a camera, it’s almost exactly what I want. It can do everything I’d need for landscapes, interior photography, wildlife, etc. and not have to bring multiple cameras. I know people say if you want video, just buy the Sony a7s III or if you want high res just buy the Sony a7r IV, but even if you do buy all of those things… Each model lacks in its own way. And that brings me to the Sony a1.

Whether you’re into vlogging or not, that screen design just isn’t as good. It’s not the most durable, it’s a step backwards and I don’t understand why they couldn’t include the screen from the Sony a7s III. It’s not just for vlogging either. If you’re photographing a room with the tripod next to the wall, it’s basically next to impossible to see… But other than that, it really is a good camera and the one I’d love to own. I can’t afford it, but Sony always reduces prices a lot with everything I’ve ever known them to make, so I’ll wait.

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