Photochirp website updates

Within the next week or two, I’m going to be making these changes to this website:

  • Scalable font sizes for different screen resolutions e.g. 4k screens will be easier to read
  • A page listing reviews and the various pages

At the moment, I’ve temporarily made an “all pages” page, but it’s an ugly mess (I’ve left it there because viewing links on mobile is problematic). Ultimately I want to have the pages listed in a sort of table format, with headings. There is a drop down menu on the PC but it’s not very easy to see all of the pages I have written.

Future updates:

  • I’d like to kill off some of the advertisements (hopefully that doesn’t have an effect on SEO) as they’re ugly
  • Remove the portfolio page (I don’t update it frequently enough and a separate portfolio site will be live fairly soon)
  • Perhaps a new theme altogether

As usual I have other more important stuff to do, but I can start on the first two points tomorrow.

Camera equipment update for real estate photography

Camera hard case

I’ve been searching for a few new items for interior / real estate photography. I’ve just ordered a hard case vanguard 46d (not the foam model) for my photography equipment and that’ll be here thursday hopefully. I’ll review it and mention why I bought this model, its dimensions, etc. in the review.


I think I’ve made my final decision to get the Godox AD200 Pro and not the Godox V1 for now. There’s a few reasons for this… One, you can take off the head with the Godox AD200 Pro. So you can pack them in foam and they’re less likely to break than a bigger/heavier item wobbling about (the Godox V1 is obviously a smaller flash but as you cannot remove the head, it’s effectively bigger). The Godox AD200 Pro has a better mounting system too, as there’s a couple of threads to screw onto. I would still like the Godox V1 but my budget doesn’t allow for both at the moment.

Wide angle lens

Next up is lenses… I really need a circular polariser and those for the 12-24 are expensive. I also need to lighten my load for landscape photography, so for now I think I’ve decided on buying the Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master lens. I won’t order it until the vanguard 46d hard case arrives. I already have a CPL, so there’s no extra cost there.

Small footprint lightstand

Lastly, I need a small footprint lightstand for a speedlight or the Godox AD200 Pro. This is where it might make sense to actually buy the Godox V1 (it’s lighter and won’t tilt a light-stand so easily). Ideally I want something that folds very compact, and the legs don’t stick out a mile. I’m not going to be using heavy modifiers so the legs don’t have to be super stable. If anyone has any ideas, let me know! It has to be compact because I have to be able to get this stuff on public transport.

Business website

Here is my mostly final design for my business website. It’s a minimalist WordPress theme, so if anyone is interested in buying it, let me know.

Godox AD200 Pro & Godox V1 Round Head Speedlight

I’ve just seen the Godox AD200Pro has officially been announced. I have fallen in love with my Godox AD200 and so I may buy a Godox AD200Pro instead of the Godox V1 Round Head Speedlight.

Ultimately I’ll end up buying both I’m sure and I said I would review the Godox V1 Round Head Speedlight if I got one, but I feel a Godox AD200Pro would be more useful. They are not much bigger than a speedlight and they’re easier to attach to a tripod.

The Godox AD200Pro will have better colour consistency compared to the Godox AD200, and the screen on the back is recessed. This will actually make a difference for me because I sometimes stand mine up on the ground (if I’m firing the flash at the ceiling for example) and the buttons get marked. Though I may end up devising a better solution for that. Flashes weren’t really designed to be used that way, haha.

Keyboard review & website server being slow

This is just a quick post to say my Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard Review is now live.

Also, the webserver seems to be incredibly slow today, I’m not sure why. I can’t see any high CPU usage or net usage, so it’s probably something with my provider. I am in the middle of making a website for my interior photography and I will be using amazon web hosting. I am considering switching to amazon web hosting, for this as well but it will be kind of costly for me so I don’t know.

I have also had some theme ideas for this site which I will one day get around to doing (probably no time soon, I want a bit of a break from coding after I’ve done my other site, haha).