The Great Divide Trail – 2020 Gear List

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The Great Divide Trail, assuming you hike it at a sensible time of the year, isn’t particularly cold. There’s a lot of moisture but a lot of the equipment you should bring is similar to what you’d take for the Pacific Crest Trail. For research sakes, you might want to google a few Pacific Crest Trail 2020 gear lists as they’re easier to find due to the popularity of the hike compared to the Great Divide Trail.

I would strongly consider trousers (pants) over shorts; the mosquito bites in Canada were quite horrendous for me, haha.

I recommend a warm sleeping bag, and surveys have said people on the Pacific Crest Trail wish they had a warmer sleeping bag. Therefore, I think a -15c sleeping bag is suitable for both. I did not have problems with my shoes hiking on strange terrain but I did get some negative comments about them.

I brought a lot of camera equipment, partly because I wanted a backup plan and this allowed me to take a lot of photographs in the event the hike wasn’t what I imagined it to be. A Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master lens and a Zeiss Loxia 21mm f/2.8 lens was not too heavy to manage, but if you aren’t much of a photographer, save yourself some weight and obviously don’t bring all of this. Even if you are a photographer, I think the scenery suits a Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master and a Sony 85mm f/1.4 G master more. It gives you a tiny bit more reach, plus a lot more landscapeability (it is not a word; it should be a word, why isn’t it a word?)

If you aren’t a photographer and remove a lot of the camera equipment from my list, you’ll see the base weight is really quite reasonable–much less than the average hiker. Additionally, if you haven’t done much long distance hiking before (I hadn’t), don’t panic over internet comments about weight. There are tons of successful hikers that bring large backpacks and a heavy weight. I’m not saying you should do this but rather, if you are 4 pounds over what’s recommended online, it’s probably not going to be as big of a deal as forums would have you believe.

The Great Divide Trail is particularly scenic so I chose to sacrifice a few items to bring camera equipment. My inflatable pillow popped, and I didn’t use as much battery power as I was expecting. However, I soon bought a gas stove.

The ZPacks Sleeping bag is incredible, and I’m glad I bought the Altaplex tent in a stronger material. I also suggest getting the Altaplex/whatever the solo tent is at the time and not the Duplex. Only requiring one hiking pole is a huge benefit. There is a GOOD CHANCE you will snap a hiking pole. The Duplex relies on two hiking poles, and if you are hiking alone, this is a massive potential risk, in my opinion.

I went through about 10+ pairs of shoes and I finally settled on a pair of Salomons only to discover they were painful. This cost me a bit of money because I didn’t get much on eBay, even though I hadn’t worn them much. I’d probably make the same mistake again if I was planning, because no matter how much you plan, sometimes you simply need to use the equipment. Nike have a great return policy, so I suggest you buy those first.

Interestingly, the kestrel titanium knife was one of my favourite buys. With the carbon fibre I added, it’s around 15 grams. It’s expensive, but it’s incredibly sharp and useful. I suggest using another knife to open packages and keeping this one for eating. It’s got a reasonable sized handle, and you can cut cheese with it fine.

The Montbell Storm Cruiser was arguably too thick for me. I’m glad of the durability, but I discovered I get incredibly hot when hiking. To the point that I could walk through a 1.5 deep, 5c, river for a while (I got lost and did something dumb) and not feel too cold. This wasn’t shock or something either, I just got really hot hiking. The Montbell Torrent Flier is only slightly lighter but you might want to consider it. If you get it, get the European/American model, as they have pit zips; don’t get the japanese model. The japanese model of pants/trousers are good though! I love mine. Confused? You will be. I think it’s easy to be excited for a hike and not think about future adventures where you’ll use your equipment. For this reason, I think the Montbell Storm Cruiser is actually a better buy, long term.

There’s no real equivalent to ZPacks in England; if you’re English, you just have to suck it up :).

This list is quite hard to read, my apologies. I plan to make it beautiful at some point. That point is not now.




Item Model Failure Additional Notes
Pillow Hikenture Pillow It popped I’d bring a pillow, just not an inflatable one.
Stakes ZPacks Carbon Stakes One stake broke. I’m not sure if a bear walked over it. I was half asleep at the time and remember rolling down a hill slightly. I think getting additional V Stakes is more important.
Shorts Arc’teryx Mens Lefroy Shorts My legs were rekt. Get the pants instead or use rain pants more frequently than I. That said, these shorts as shorts go, are amazing.
Hiking Poles Komperdell Ultralite Vario 4 These were slightly long when going up hill, as they don’t collapse enough. They’re incredibly lightweight and fine going downhill however. For reference, I’m 6ft3 Long poles were a requirement for my tent but I believe the latest Zpacks tent doesn’t need suck long poles.
Water Filter Sawyer Squeeze Mini It didn’t fail, it’s just slow and overrated Slow compared to the Katadyn
Water Purifier Chlorine Tablet Tasted gross Get a steripen instead
Camera Lens Sony 24-70 GM f/2.8 Great lens but it was heavy and not wide enough Either keep it as a one lens solution or swap it with a 16-35
Camera Lens Zeiss 21mm Loxia f/2.8 This helped with the width but it still wasn’t quite wide enough at times Swap it with an 85mm, providing you have a 16-35

Gear List

Item Name Category desc   weight unit
Backpack Backpack, Sleep and Tent Hyperlite Mountain Gear 4400 Southwest & Modified Straps   1184 gram
Backpack Liner Backpack, Sleep and Tent ZPacks Pack Liner (kind of unnecessary)   54 gram
Bear Bag Backpack, Sleep and Tent [amazon_textlink asin=’B07DVX9FFS’ text=’Ursack Major’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’68a85102-7348-4edb-9d9a-203bd9840213′]   247 gram
Odor Bag Backpack, Sleep and Tent [amazon_textlink asin=’B00UTK957K’ text=’Opsack’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d1a3f6c9-c521-4a45-8e6e-483185695dfc’]   86 gram
Tent Backpack, Sleep and Tent Zpacks Altaplex (spruce green)   608 gram
Tent Liner Backpack, Sleep and Tent ZPacks Ground Sheet   82 gram
Stakes Backpack, Sleep and Tent ZPacks Titanium 6″ Pegs   5.4 gram
Stakes Backpack, Sleep and Tent ZPacks Titanium V Stakes   11 gram
Stakes Backpack, Sleep and Tent ZPacks Carbon Stakes   6.2 gram
Stake Sack Backpack, Sleep and Tent ZPacks Stake Sack   2.5 gram
Sleeping Bag Backpack, Sleep and Tent ZPacks 900 -15c 6ft5   777 gram
Sleeping Pad Backpack, Sleep and Tent [amazon_textlink asin=’B00PZL15OY’ text=’Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Xlite Large’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’1e2109a9-55b5-4590-a69d-fd0b0349a25b’]   460 gram
Sit Pad Backpack, Sleep and Tent Cut from a larger foam pad   80 gram
Sleeping Pad Inflator Backpack, Sleep and Tent Home Made Inflator   30 gram
Stuff Sack Backpack, Sleep and Tent ZPacks Large Stuff Sack   11 gram
Pillow Backpack, Sleep and Tent Fluffy non inflatable pillow   30 gram
Pot Cooking and Water[amazon_textlink asin=’B01NA7B5T3′ text=’ Vargo Bot 700′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’dab2ec27-4f2e-434d-bc5f-8c9bdff9de79′]     136 gram
Water Filter Cooking and Water [amazon_textlink asin=’B075X5R67T’ text=’Katadyn BeFree Filter’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’9d3a9c83-390d-46fc-8be5-55092f68647e’] — quicker than the sawyer   0 gram
Water Purifier Cooking and Water [amazon_textlink asin=’B00NK9948M’ text=’Steripen’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c520e0a9-75f4-4feb-8912-7b6d773f71b1′]   0 gram
Water Cooking and Water Smartwater – 1 litre   38 gram
Spork Cooking and Water Light My Fire Spork Titanium & Plastic   17 gram
Knife Cooking and Water Kestrel Titanium Knife   15 gram
Carabiner Cooking and Water [amazon_textlink asin=’B071DMM21V’ text=’DMM XSRE’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’247991be-9009-4b1a-8f17-74c04156b41b’]   8 gram
Bear Line Cooking and Water 50′ 2.0 mm Z-Line Slick   48 gram
Cooker Cooking and Water [amazon_textlink asin=’B078Y5LXLX’ text=’MSR Pocket Rocket’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7386d56b-8836-42a2-89ac-eab3fb95e4df’]   70 gram
Shoes Clothing Worn [amazon_textlink asin=’B075ZZ91NF’ text=’Nike Zoom Wildhorse 4′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’32d3f9cd-ca68-490c-81a1-31828d4323a8′]   0 gram
Shorts Clothing Worn Arc’teryx Mens Lefroy Shorts   215 gram
Hiking Poles Clothing Worn Komperdell Ultralite Vario 4   220 gram
Shirt Clothing Worn Arc’teryx SS Skyline   4.6 ounce
Gaiters Clothing Worn Dirty Girl Gaiters   1.4 ounce
Boxers Clothing Worn Arc’teryx Phase SL   65 gram
Socks Clothing Worn [amazon_textlink asin=’B074ZK8ZZT’ text=’Darn Tough 1/4 Hiking Socks’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8a0d67e5-d9a8-4294-95d8-6e621c87f841′]   50 gram
Jacket Clothing Packed Montbell Storm Cruiser   284 gram
Trousers Clothing Packed Montbell Torrent Flier Pants   165 gram
Insulation Clothing Packed [amazon_textlink asin=’B07F1Z2LNG’ text=’Arc’teryx Atom LT’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’27b6b691-08a2-4f6e-9f06-8907318c8ff9′]   315 gram
Hat Clothing Packed Beanie   50 gram
Top Clothing Packed Arc’teryx Delta LT   250 gram
Tights Clothing Packed Arc’teryx Rho LT   175 gram
Socks Clothing Packed [amazon_textlink asin=’B072MPH2V8′ text=’Darn Tough 1/4 Light Socks’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ce85834b-6c4b-4f2e-9f4c-97f0acbf29c6′]   50 gram
Gloves Clothing Packed Cotton gloves   20 gram
Dry sack Clothing Packed ZPacks Drysack   20 gram
Dry bag Clothing Packed ZPacks Drybag   10 gram
Velcro Clothing Packed Velcro for gaiters   4 gram
Towel Hygeine ZPacks   10 gram
Trowel Hygeine [amazon_textlink asin=’B06XG1B5HG’ text=’The Deuce of Spades Trowel’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’cd17691a-18ce-43c9-8ee1-4d1a9bfe09a2′]   17 gram
Toilet Paper Hygeine Toilet Paper   227 gram
Toothbrush Hygeine ZPacks Mini Toothbrush   6 gram
Toothpaste Hygeine Miniature Toothpaste   24 gram
Chapstick Hygeine Lypsyl   12 gram
Hand Sanitizer Hygeine     28 gram
Tape Hygeine Tenacious tape & Other Tape   20 gram
Sunglasses First Aid Kit See Stuff   20 gram
Wallet First Aid Kit Passport, Maps, Debit, Debit, Credit   100 gram
Compass First Aid Kit Suunto Clipper Compass   8 gram
Passport Pouch First Aid Kit ZPacks Passport Zip Pouch   9.4 gram
Hankerchief First Aid Kit     0 gram
Parks Card First Aid Kit Parks Card Canada Permission   5 gram
Pouch First Aid Kit ZPacks Pouch   10.6 gram
Pills First Aid Kit Imodium, Naproxen, and antibiotics   48 gram
Repair kit First Aid Kit Sewing kit, tape, etc.   20 gram
Chloramphenicol First Aid Kit Eye irritation   0.5 ounce
Quick clot First Aid Kit Body repair   10 gram
Knife First Aid Kit Victorinox Classic SD   30 gram
Lighter First Aid Kit Bic Lighter   0 gram
Satellite Communicator First Aid Kit [amazon_textlink asin=’B07CR7PL54′ text=’Garmin InReach Mini’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’95301ddc-0b62-47c3-84a5-669428af1849′]   0 gram
Camera Camera Equipment Carried [amazon_textlink asin=’B00ZDWGFR2′ text=’Sony a7rII’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a544102e-d780-48dd-87dc-c7b1c7774452′]   582 gram
Camera Lens Camera Equipment Carried Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master   680 gram
Camera Batteries Camera Equipment Carried Sony NP-FW50   42.5 gram
Camera Batteries Camera Equipment Carried Sony RAVPower NP-FW50   45 gram
Camera Bag Camera Equipment Carried [amazon_textlink asin=’B00KM80LMM’ text=’Lowepro Toploader 50 AW II Side Bag’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7931c7f8-867c-4dc8-951c-3ec92124fb0f’]   300 gram
Watch Camera Equipment Carried Garmin Fenix 5x   85 gram
Tripod Camera Equipment Carried Novoflex Micropod Modified with Giottos Head   98 gram
Lens Filter Camera Equipment Carried 52mm & 82mm Protector   60 gram
Lens Filter Camera Equipment Carried Breakthrough Photography 52mm 6 Stop ND   20 gram
USB External Battery Pack Camera Equipment [amazon_textlink asin=’B072155XVX’ text=’Anker PowerCore 13000 C’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e27b393e-d549-4bf7-b860-a7e1c70d7f72′]   242 gram
Lens Case Camera Equipment Neoprene Case   45 gram
Torch Camera Equipment Zebralight H600Fd Mk IV   39 gram
Batteries Camera Equipment Sanyo Lithium 18650   48 gram
Storage Camera Equipment SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD 500gb   42 gram
Thermometre Camera Equipment Garmin Tempe   8 gram
Cleaning Equipment Camera Equipment Lens and sensor cleaning equipment   50 gram
Miscellaneous Camera Equipment Cards and wires   200 gram
NP-FW50 Charger Camera Equipment NP-FW50 Neewer Charger   2.33 ounce
USB Charger Camera Equipment Aukey Dual Port USB Charger & Other Charger   34 gram
18650 Charger Camera Equipment Nitecore F1   30 gram
Android Phone Camera Equipment Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & Case   189 gram
Solar Panel Camera Equipment Solar Paper 7.5w / get the [amazon_textlink asin=’B003ZFQUWO’ text=’suntactics’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’17d8a965-93d6-4ed7-a2cd-f3226413ebc8′] instead as it’s more durable   200 gram
S-Biner Camera Equipment Nite-Ize S-Biner Smallest and the second size up   0 gram
Lens Filter Camera Equipment [amazon_textlink asin=’B076XQ8NC3′ text=’Breakthrough Photography 82mm 10 Stop ND Filter’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b798bb4b-151c-4088-b8c4-1741c894ed19′]   0 gram
Food Consumables 2 lb per day   14 pound
Water Consumables 2 litres   2 kilogram
Sanitizer Buy while in Canada     0 gram
Water Buy while in Canada     0 gram
Bear Spray Buy while in Canada     0 gram
Lighter Buy while in Canada     0 gram
Superglue Buy while in Canada Get crazy glue   0 gram
Pen Buy while in Canada     0 gram

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