Waterton, a cute hiking town in Canada

I spent several days in Waterton, expecting to be there for a very short time but I extended my trip and I had a wonderful time. I did a lot of hiking and met several awesome people inside and outside of the campground. Prior to arriving, I realised how much I hated cold food and bought myself an [amazon_textlink asin=’B01N5O7551′ text=’MSR Pocket Rocket gas stove’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5cbf88e8-319b-4c89-84ce-b42d473ca9db’]. In about 48 hours of hiking and camping, I learned more about the food available in Canada and what to bring on extended trips than months of research online, haha. I guess things just connect with me more when I see it in front of my face. I digress…

A taxi took me from Pincher Creek, after I had been to the castle mountain ski resort area, to Waterton. I wasn’t as stressed as before I was roared at by a bear, and although I had no method of transport–upon arrival–to take me out of Waterton, I wasn’t stressed about it. I had a more “let chips fall where they may” attitude to things, compared to when I was overthinking things inside of Gatwick Airport.

When I got there, the first thing I wanted to do was put my things down and set up my tent. You are given a map and a reference e.g. H2, which you use to find your relevant camping spot. Unfortunately the taxi driver got confused and told me I was in the right spot, when in fact I wasn’t. It’s not that much walking but make sure you’re in the right area. Everything in Canada is bigger than in England; however,  it doesn’t take long to walk from one end of the campground to the other. I advise doing it because there’s lots of stuff you can see. For example, the photograph above was taken about 200 meters from my tent. You can walk along the shore a bit.  I was lucky to see such beautiful sights there but there were huge areas burned, not shown in the photograph. It’s really nice, and by now I imagine it doesn’t look as burned. I can’t stress enough how great this place is, and in my opinion it’s superior to Banff. When I went at least, it wasn’t as popular and it wasn’t crawling with people yet the sights were just as beautiful. I think the campground was about $27 per night–don’t quote me–and it’s pretty much the same whether you’re bringing a small tent like mine or a camper van.

I took some photographs and wandered around a bit. By the time I arrived, it was too late to hike anywhere far and the weather wasn’t amazing. I met a family and the father was from Manchester in the UK but he sounded like he was from Canada, it was amusing.

By the next day, the weather became really good and I went on a longish hike. I met about 7 bears in one day, but I think I downplayed it because I assumed no one would believe me, haha. I had quite a close encounter with a bear in Waterton as well. My favourite hike was called the Bellevue Prairie Hiking Trail I believe. If you’re hiking from the Campground and not using a car at all (like myself), you can easily turn that into a 15 mile hiking day by going other routes and whatnot. The actual hike from the trail head is not too long.


I will edit this later, but I wanted to write down some stuff :).

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