A brief update regarding Capture One Pro

I’ve been using Capture One Pro for a while now and I love it more and more. For anyone who’s wanting to try it there is a monthly trial available.

The more you use something, the more you get a feel for its speed compared to trying it for ten minutes. It is incredibly fast software, and it has great customisation options which Adobe Lightroom simply doesn’t have. For example, you can set the entire file structure when you import a photograph. At this point, I’d actually like to see Adobe issue a Photoshop only plan for 65% of the cost of the Photography Plan. I don’t need Lightroom any longer.

This isn’t a long review or anything as I’m not ready for that, but I do urge you to try it for a few minutes each day. If you’re a busy professional, it will be slower at first because you’re not used to it. That’s why I think trying it a few minutes each day and watching a video here and there will be good enough to give you a feel for it. The colours are really really good with Sony and I think it quashes the idea Sony cameras have bad colour science.

Capture One Pro & Adobe Software Workflow

I’ve recently been talking to more and more professional photographers about various parts of their business and workflow, and Capture One Pro has rapidly become an industry standard — rightfully so. With Sony and Fujifilm (Adobe has severe bugs when dealing with Fujifilm files) users especially, they should take a strong look at the software as it has many key benefits compared to its competition.

Capture One Pro vs Adobe Lightroom

Over the upcoming days, I will compare the software to Adobe Lightroom and why I think you should use this as part of your photography workflow.

I am not suggesting it replaces the complicated tools found within Adobe Photoshop, but rather that you should have a Capture One Pro & Adobe Photoshop workflow rather than an Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop workflow.

There are three striking differences which stand out to me in particular compared to Adobe Lightroom:

  • Colours and contrast are handled much better with Capture One Pro
  • Capture One Pro is considerably faster
  • Tethering works flawlessly with Sony mirrorless cameras e.g. the Sony a7r IV unlike Adobe Lightroom which is terribleThere are far more differences than those listed above but these features alone make a massive difference. I will make a more comprehensive post in the future, but please give the software a go. You can use it for free for up to a month.