Sony a7r iv, a7 iv, a7s iv and a9ii Firmware Update Request

The Sony a7rII is a great camera and I have been mostly satisfied with it but there are a few improvements with the Sony a7r iv causing me to want to upgrade. With this camera, and the inclusion of Bluetooth, allows greater room for new accessories. I’m not sure how to get the community’s support on this but please let me know what you think of these ideas.

If Sony improves their current generation cameras, it inspires buyer confidence and this equates to more money for Sony, for this reason I think that they should also add some of the Sony a7r iv firmware changes into their previous cameras. Uncompressed RAW was added to the Sony a7rII after it was released.

I emailed some of the suggestions below, but they replied saying I need to patent them. That makes no sense to me :’).

Sony a7 iv, Sony a7s iv, Sony a9ii and Sony a7r iv General Improvements

  • An external and affordable Bluetooth GPS device.
  • EFCS Auto Disable beyond 1/1000 sec (custom option to prevent banding).
  • APS-C Crop Mode Video/stills independent (so you can enable for one and disable for the other).
  • Drive swapping.
    • To elaborate… Shot 1 goes to card A. Shot 2 goes to card B. Shot 3 goes to card A. Shot 4 goes to card B and so on. This would double the storage, add security (although not as much as redundancy) and double the write rate / clear the buffer twice as fast.
  • Lossless compressed raw.
  • Medium raw.
  • Histogram and spirit level should be able to show at the SAME time rather than having to pick one or the other.
  • Better manual focus options ~ manual focus should have the option to go straight to full zoom when you rotate the lens, and there should also be the option to only magnify a portion of the frame e.g. a small, 10x square around the selected focus point or focus area. This would allow you to compose the shot while focusing. Consider it like a split prism experience.
  • Spot meter should be able to meter the focus point regardless of what focus mode it’s in.
  • A customisable video menu should allow duplicates of what’s in the stills menu, this would allow people to create their own menu system for video, in an order that did not irritate them (perhaps this already exists?).
  • Facial recognition software should be put to use for manual focusing, for example, it could automatically move the focus point to the subjects face and when you turn the focus ring and magnify around that area.  
  • Live histogram and zebra stripes should relate to the raw file and not the JPG settings.
  • Live histogram should be adjustable so that it can display red, green or blue, and not just luminance.
  • Maximum exposure length should be customizeable like auto ISO, for example, you should be able to have a maximum of 1 minute instead of 30 seconds.
  • Save settings from the “gear” menu to the custom function settings i.e. “C1” should remember setting-effect has been set to “off” while “C2” remembers setting-effect has been set to “on”.
  • Customiseable PASM dial, so “P” can become “C4” or whatever you want it to be.
  • Selected steady shot focal length is transferred to the exif data when using manual lenses that lack electronic contacts.

The Sony menu system and why it should be improved in a Sony a7 iv, Sony a7s iv, Sony a9 ii and Sony a7r iv Firmware Update

I believe there’s a certain amount of people that take great offence to the criticism of their beloved material item. When you look at these suggestions, please don’t think I am criticising your choice as a buyer. I enjoy using my camera and it’s certainly not bad–it could simply be better. I don’t want you to read the points and think “ehhh, who needs a histogram and the spirit level to show at the same time? that’s rubbish” but instead, try to think of ideas that would help and suggest them in the comments below; I’ll add them.

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2 thoughts on “Sony a7r iv, a7 iv, a7s iv and a9ii Firmware Update Request

  • 03/10/2016 at 20:13

    What I would like to have:
    — Live View Display
    — e-Front Curtain Shut.
    on Fn or Custom Buttons

  • 16/07/2016 at 01:20

    I’d add the ability to add “gear” menu items to the custom function settings. My biggest frustration is that setting-effect and auto review can’t be assigned to a custom setting. I want different settings for those two depending on whether I’m shooting natural light or flash.

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