Ultimate Guide to Computer & Camera Storage in 2019

Computer and camera storage has become really quite confusing lately, with various types of media available to buy. This article is incomplete. Please come back in a few days :). The goal is to form a rough guide as to what you should buy in 2019 for your computers, laptops and cameras.


Some phones have MicroSD card slots still. I advise getting [amazon_textlink asin=’B07FCMBLV6′ text=’SanDisk 64GB MicroSD cards’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’1dee5964-cbfe-4eac-add9-1f25f9aae790′].


If your camera is 30 Megapixels or less and you do not shoot sports or something involving a high burst rate, I advise saving some money and getting [amazon_textlink asin=’B01LORO7BA’ text=’SanDisk Extreme Pro 90MB/Sec 64GB Cards’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d6e2d37d-383b-4ff2-a8ee-7194bf5ddb9e’]. These in my opinion are the best bang for the buck.

If you have a higher resolution camera and your camera supports UHS II, I recommend [amazon_textlink asin=’B07H9DVLBB’ text=’SanDisk Extreme Pro 170MB/sec 64GB cards’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’954d1546-7184-4ef8-ad8f-ffea2c56f624′]. These are the best performance and speed before the prices get extortionate.

If you plan to buy a Sony a7r IV or have a camera which creates extremely large raw files, and you plan to shoot a lot of sports or something involving burst mode, you may want to get a 300MB/sec card if you don’t have the patience to wait longer for the buffer to clear. Unfortunately, these are incredibly expensive. For this, I recommend the [amazon_textlink asin=’B07H9GDFRW’ text=’Sony Tough 128GB SDXC 300MB/sec SD cards’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ea78a0a8-abba-4b6f-9bea-bf8e5ed553dd’].

If you have dual card slots, I recommend using larger SD cards where possible.

Laptop Computer

This is incomplete.

Desktop Computer

This is incomplete.

Server Computer / Synology / Drobo / Network Attached Storage

I recommend buying three [amazon_textlink asin=’B00LO3KR96′ text=’Western Digital Red Pro 6TB’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b9ba4074-2749-4201-bf89-5bf3844e0822′] drives and using two as a backup. Alternatively, buy two and use one as a backup.

You should also have an optical media backup. Up until recently, DVD’s were better for archival but they don’t hold much storage. BluRays in general are not as good, but there are now some semi-affordable BluRays that can be used for archival. You may want to buy these if you are a wedding shooter or you simply want to back up your own photographs.

I recommend [amazon_textlink asin=’B01B99WWXI’ text=’1000 Years Archival Verbatim M-Disc Blu-ray BDXL 100GB Triple Layer 4x Speed – 5 Pack Ink-jet Printable’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’photochirp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’39f8a080-6dfb-4c11-b06e-1f292321185e’] blu ray’s. The key here is to look for “Archival” and something with a large storage. Make sure your Blu Ray reader/writer is compatible with them too. You may need to select “like a USB drive” when you burn them.


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