Recommended Camera Gear


The Sony a7III and the Sony a7rIII are arguably the best full-frame mirrorless cameras for the money. The EVF isn’t as good and they’re not as high resolution or quite as weather sealed as the Sony a7r IV but they’re very capable cameras. Sony’s pricing strategy makes it difficult to recommend their latest and greatest high resolution camera — the Sony a7r IV — right now unless you absolutely need weather sealing.

All of these cameras come with a large battery and dual card slots as standard.

Low Budget

For a photographer on a budget, a Nikon DSLR setup or Sony a6000 APS-C mirrorless camera is recommended

Lighting Equipment Accessories

  • Godox V1 – Currently the best speedlight on the market regardless of the price.
  • Godox AK-R1 – Magnetic modifier kit. This fits both the Godox V1 and the Godox H200R Round-Head available as an optional accessory for the Godox AD200 Pro. It does not fit the Godox AD400 Pro.
  • Godox AD200 Pro – Colour accurate and stable, high performing flash. It is considerably more portable than other offerings.
  • Godox AD400 Pro – Colour accurate, stable and a high powered flash. It is useful for on-location shoots but it is somewhat heavy.
  • Godox X-Pro Transmitter – This is better than the Godox X1T transmitter as the screen is easier to see when the camera is pressed up against a wall or you have lower the camera on a tripod. The menus, interface and buttons are considerably easier to use as well.
  • 5in1 Reflector – This is useful regardless of a budget.
  • Godox TT685S – These are not as colour accurate or stable as the Godox V1, the battery life isn’t as good, and it’s a nuisance to charge multiple batteries. However, they’re cheap and are good if you’re on a budget or looking to supplement other lights for a non colour-critical task.


Adobe Photoshop & Capture One Pro

I believe Capture One is the best software for a hobbyist and if you’re a professional, you should buy it in addition to Adobe Photoshop.

These are the two most powerful software companies on the market for photographers at the moment.

Additional advice

For additional advice and more useful information, please join the discord photography server chatroom and ask for help in the “tech and gear” channel.

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