Breakthrough Photography x4 82mm – CPL Circular Polariser Review

The Breakthrough Photography X4 82mm CPL is a very nice product, the optics are superb and the colour cast is minimal as per their claims. It’s superior to the competition, so if you’re looking for a filter, this is the one to get.

I previously bought a Breakthrough Photography X4 52mm 6 Stop ND Filter and it impressed me a lot which is why I bought the Breakthrough Photography X4 82mm CPL.

My thoughts on this are a mixed bag. It’s very, very expensive. It’s out of this world expensive for a piece of glass, but they all are — at least, the good ones. I’ve bought plenty of Hoya filters, and I like them for protection filters. They are cheap and cheerful. For ND and CPL filters, there is a noticeable difference with the colour cast. The case it comes with is terrible and Hoya cases are better.

I notice there is a bit of “play” with the ring, on the CPL. You obviously don’t have this with the ND because there aren’t any moving parts. I feel a nylon shim/washer would have removed this play. That said, it won’t have an effect on your images. I doubt you’ll find an improvement with another company, and if you do, it’s not worth buying them just because they feel nicer. At the end of the day, it’s the optics what matters.

The photograph above is misleading and makes it look like the flooring is a different colour. I am finding that with a low of surfaces, once the reflections are killed it brings out colours you didn’t notice as well before. It’s not that the Breakthrough Photography X4 82mm CPL itself has a different colour temperature.

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Using the Breakthrough Photography X4 82mm CPL or a polariser in general seems to have a lot of mixed opinions. For ultra wide angle shots, including the sky, it can increase problems but I like to use effect filters sparingly. For composite edits used for interior (real estate) photography, you can kill reflections and do a lot with them. The photograph above I quickly took for a review, and it killed a LOT of the reflections on the keys of the keyboard and the phone’s screen.

I always use a filter for protection as lens elements and lens coatings are not as durable as people would think.

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