Vanguard Supreme 46D Hard Case for Camera Equipment – Review

The Vanguard Supreme 46D Hard Case is absolutely amazing! I bought this hard case for my photography equipment for two main reasons. The first being to keep my equipment dry; the moisture content in the atmosphere here in England is high and I wanted something hermetically sealed. More importantly, I wanted a hard case I can take on planes, buses, etc. and travel to location for my on-location needs. I’d recommend this for anyone who is either looking for storage at home and is tired of having equipment laying around in weird places (maybe that’s just me?) but especially for travellers.

Deciding what Pelican or Vanguard Supreme camera equipment hard case to buy

There are various models of hard cases for camera/photography equipment available. Pelican is obviously the most notable brand but they’re extortionately priced and from my observation, they don’t offer any advantages over this. Various models exist within the Vanguard Supreme Hard Case lineup too. With the Vanguard Supreme 46D hard case, the “D” denotes that it has dividers and the “F” denotes it’s the foam model; naturally, I was painfully undecided between the two. I also wasn’t sure what size to buy and I had considered the Vanguard Supreme 53D/F Hard case. Ultimately, I decided on getting the Vanguard Supreme 46D Hard Case and that is the one I am reviewing.

A few factors influenced my decision:

  • These cases are heavy, and the Vanguard Supreme 46D Hard Case will easily push me beyond the 20KG max weight allowance (if I let it), so anything bigger is a bit unnecessary. If you’re not flying and you’re not using public transport, then I’m sure the bigger one is better.
  • The Vanguard Supreme 46D Hard Case is small enough to be used as “carry-on” luggage on aircraft.
  • These cases are large. I can pretty much fit a 24-70 vertically already, so the bigger one is pretty much unnecessary for me.
  • Foam can only be arranged once, and after time it goes brittle/weird/breaks off and gets stuff over your lenses; I know “stuff” is a very technical term.
  • I can add separate foam pieces to help add protection for lenses, so it’s a bit unnecessary.

Vanguard Supreme 46D Hard Case Description

The Vanguard Supreme 46D Hard Case is a simple to operate case. It has several latches either side, and at the front, to secure it. Two places to put padlocks at the front, along with a pressure valve (this is used if you fly and the air-pressure changes), it’s water-tight, air tight, and can withstand a fair amount of physical force. I’m not sure I’d trust it as a footstool, to stand on it regularly, but it’s certainly strong.

As you can see in these two photographs, there’s a lot of room for your items. In the first photograph, there’s a Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G master lens stood vertically, and a Sony 12-24mm f/4 G lens also stood vertically to the right of it. In the second photograph, you can see a Godox AD200. This is an important reference point to make, because with the head of the Godox AD200 removed, you can fit two of these stacked on top of each other, without any trouble at all. I will be buying foam, and adding protection for them obviously but it’s something to consider. Remember to remove the battery if you are flying.

Here are some more photographs so you can see it properly.

Here you can kind of see the seal inside the case. It’s not just some plastic you hope will fit, it feels very soft. I believe it is silicone but don’t quote me on that.



There’s only one thing I can complain about with this case, possibly two in an absolute pinch. The first is the metal zipper. I think it should be plastic, rubber or thin paracord. When you close the lid, it can get trapped if you’re not conscious of it. Just be careful and tuck it away (there’s plenty of room). No one mentioned this on any reviews I saw, so it wasn’t something I thought about. Now you’re aware of it, it honestly shouldn’t be a problem. If it is, just remove the damn thing and put string there instead, haha.

The second complaint is that the inner case could possibly be slightly bigger or there could be some foam on the lid. It’s such a minor complaint it’s not worth worrying about.

I just don’t want to sound like a paid shill or something. I highly recommend buying the Vanguard Supreme 46D Hard Case, especially over other more expensive brands.

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